Cancel card

I had to cancel my card on the 14th June as company going into liquidation is trying to collect money from it. Does this mean that all payments apart from DD/SO will be declined until my new card arrives?

If all you’re doing is getting a new card then your direct debits will still be paid. Everything else will be declined.

Cheers Ordog, So I will have to go into all my accounts where I pay by debit card ( like Amazon) and update my details?
Is there no way to put a stop on a specific payment without having to apply for a new card?

As you’ve already ordered a new card it’s a bit late now

But you should contact support. Some companies automatically update the card details. This might mean the company can still get the money

Did you get the goods from the company before they went into liquidation?

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@oliverss If you received goods from said company they are STILL entitled to payment regardless of any liquidation that is ongoing, why would you think they shouldn’t get their money, you got your goods?

It was for a service which guaranteed to get rid of foxes.
After two visits the foxes are still here and they have not fulfilled their guarantee/contract…
I will now have to seek the services of another company to get rid of them. . .

But foxes are ace


Yep that’s right :slight_smile:

If this happens frequently perhaps you could consider upgrading to Monzo Plus and using virtual cards. These can be made and destroyed instantly. It also means you don’t have to update them when you replace your main (real) card.

Back on topic though… Banks always recommend that you try and resolve issues with the merchant first and foremost. It’s sometimes long, complicated and not always foolproof to do things the other way round.

Your situation is a little tricker since they’ve gone into liquidation. What type of payment were you trying cancel out of interest? A direct debit?

What did the fox say about it? :fox_face:

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In all seriousness, if you just don’t pay you could end up being chased by a debt management company or something. Administrators generally chase or sell bad debt quite aggressively.

We’re there t’s and c’s, if so what do they say about situations where the foxes return? If there’s a guarantee they won’t etc then personally, I would try and resolve it with the company, but let them take the payment and then if they don’t refund, go for a chargeback to recover it citing the incomplete service and the ts and cs

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Foxes are not ace. They’re nice to watch on TV but a pest in the garden :laughing:


If you’ve engaged a service and they did it - even if it didn’t work - then they’ve quite likely fulfilled their end of the contract. I wouldn’t withhold payment without the advice of a solicitor.

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This is speculative though, we have no idea what the terms or contract looked like.

Meh, they occasionally come in my garden, I hear them under my window at night but they’ve never done any damage

A debit card,. I was wary to start with so stipulated 3 payments of £100. over the period in question. After two failed attempts to remove the creature i tried to negotiate another visit but they started dragging their feet and said they didnt guarantee their work.
I told them i had a copy of the telephone call in which i insisted on a guarantee and they confirmed they had agreed. to it. Now they are saying they guaranteed their work but not to guarantee a refund. I feel totally justified based on their lies in withholding money until they carry out the work they were contracted to do.

Makes sense. I hope you get it sorted :slight_smile:

I’d certainly have a chat with Monzo to see if there is anything they can do to help.

It’s worse for us because we have chickens :chicken: so they come in, dig, claw and generally trash the place trying to get in and kill them.

I’m hoping that they will learn soon.

That’s different then

We had chickens when I was a kid. We soon had no chickens

Still no idea how they got through the chicken wire


The thing is, justified or not the company is going into administration. It will be written down as an asset, and then the admin company could sell that debt to Lowell or something to ‘liquify’ the asset. Then your credit score is ruined and you have a long battle ahead of you - debt management companies are reticent to listen to reason, and anyway it’ll still be on your credit report.

Hence I suggest using the chargeback process instead. It’s far more consumer friendly, you have evidence of a guarantee - I can’t guarantee your bank will take the case or the chargeback will be successful, but just personally if I was playing the odds that’s the way I’d go. At least my credit score wouldn’t be at risk that way.