Scam - Contact Monzo

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If you’re stating to contact Monzo if there are attempts for Scam. You might want to setup an emergency hotline. Instead of referring me to the authorities Action Fraud.

This is crazy.


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I am guessing - as your post lacks some context - that you are referring to the ‘report a scam’ flow in the app, which directs you to action fraud with no opportunity to report to Monzo if you select that you didn’t send money to the scammers.

I think there is some merit to this suggestion. On the one hand it’s really nothing to do with Monzo and there’s nothing immediate that Monzo could do about a single case.

On the other hand, you would think as a bank they might accept for example a written description of the issue so that they can then look at trends and whether there is something more general they need to do or even just to be aware of what fraudsters are up to to inform their security design.

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There’s no need for an emergency hotline, it’s not really an emergency if you fall for a scam.

There’s a process in place to handle this, you’re not always refunded up front even if you are scammed so the timeframes remain similar from a support point of view.


What would an emergency hotline do that the normal hotline doesn’t?

In-app chat is the best solution.

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And a whole gallon of grammar.

I’m not sure this is good advice. There are often situations, after a scam, in which there is some urgency in blocking cards, updating passwords, removing malware, etc to prevent further losses.


One you contact in an emergency, one you don’t. See NHS for a wonderful example of this.

Additionally, although it’s rare, there are cases in which a scam is reported from one bank to the other fast enough to be able to freeze the funds in the receiving bank and eventually have it sent back.

Although again it is rare, you’d hope any bank gave the best chance of it happening by responding quickly.

That said I thought the OP was about scam attempts rather than successful scams?

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Most of which done online unless the event of account takeover then yes, could be difficult to manage that if you had managed to give someone your email and email password.

But given email password etc isn’t to do with monzo, again falls outside of their remit.

In emergencies however, you can call monzo to block your cards.


Hi! Yeah you’re spot on the flow in the matter is not accurate.

I have experienced an attempt to scam. In the flow of reporting a scam, you might not only want to report it to the authorities, but also discuss best next steps with Monzo Bank.

On the weekends to get through on the live-chat takes quite some time, so does the route via telephone.

The suggestion is more to give priority to people feeling that their money might be at stake.

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It’s also not live-chat.

More like a contact form where they’ll get to you when they can, or penpal at time.

Basically don’t have the expectation that someone sitting there 24/7 ready to answer and talk.