Savings Pots Statement Signed + Stamped

Get in touch via chat, explain what you need and we’ll be able to sort something out for you.

We have a few templates we can always edit :blush:

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thanks for this tip stickle, i will do that!

Hello Dan,
Alright, i will do that. Glad to know Monzo is very helpful.
Thanks a lot!

No problem at all :blush:

@Dan5 can’t I get the Savings pot statement via a digital form ? Because I’m applying for a mortgage application and I kinda need it ASAP :eyes:

If you get in touch with chat then they can send you a PDF :pray:t2:

I did, i spoke to 3 different people.
The first two said that they cant send me a PDF and has to be posted (to which i said that’s its not right that a digital bank wont give me a digital copy and has to send me a physical paper copy) then after pushing a little the second person did send me a pdf with 3 months worth of transactions going into my savings pot, however that template didn’t actually say Charter bank (the current bank that holds my money with the pot).

Then when i asked if this could be added/changed because its for a mortgage application - a 3rd person came to the chat and took over, now saying that its been passed onto a specialist and cant give me a time frame to when I’d get a statement.

My girlfriend is in the same boat yet she has been told that someone will get back to her tomorrow.

I literally just want a statement with Monzo and Charter on it for the past 3 months showing the transactions when i put money aside in my savings pot, to prove that I have a paper trail of said savings money

Cant stamp a digital copy?

If I generate a statement in the app I get a list of each pot and the balance?

Separate from the main account statement?

How and where?

No just as part of the main statement they’re all listed down the right hand side with their ending balances? Am I in another test?

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Ooh I didn’t realise that was there. Tbh I don’t need statements so never look at them :see_no_evil:

@Webby53096 so your digital statement from Monzo doesn’t include the pot amounts?

It does - the property developers wanted a statement specifically for the saving pot, showing the specific in goings and out goings for that savings pot since its not held with Monzo but held with charter bank


Hmm I see. That’s tougher to do I imagine because of the set up.

@simonb what do you know?

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Yeah i’ve seen this also, part of the standard statement I believe

I would be very useful to be able to get an official in App Statement of individual pots for reasons like this.
With Monzo becoming more and more acceptable to companies, there will be more requests for this like this so would very more help people in the long run, and for Monzo

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Yea seems to be :sweat_smile:
Though from previous topics they’ve people from monzo have said that they have different templates that they can play around with -
I got sent one tonight which literally just had a list of “money added to savings pot” but it didn’t specify the pot nor did it specify charter bank :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes we really need the ability to self serve savings pot statements and certificate of interest statements :pray:

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🔜 Interest statements/reports for Savings Pots If you take a look at this thread, especially the most recent posts there is in the pipeline at least Statements for Interest for Pots, but not sure if this will include Pot Transactions also

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