Savings Pots Statement Signed + Stamped


I wanted to know how can I get a statement of the last 90 days from my savings pots that is signed and stamped for my visa application renewal. I have saved the required amount for the last 90 days now on my savings pots and I was wondering what should I do in order to get it.


Just ask via chat - not sure about pots, but they can send a stamped current account statement for sure. They’ll post it to you within a day or so.

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The thing is, all the amounts are on the savings pot. If i get the current account statement, would that show the amount of the pot?

It’ll be the same statement you can see in app, just an official version — so you can see for yourself.

I wouldn’t be storing requisite visa funds in Monzo pots.

Why not?

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Because there isn’t a statement for a pot that shows money moving in and out of it, nor how long the money is in there, and the home office like looking for any excuse to deny an application.

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Wait, so, there isnt a date showing how long the money is on the saving pot?
Is there any way I can request that? I mean, i will apply for the visa renewal now and i have the money sitting there for 90 days already. I cant wait for another extra 3 months now!

Statements display a balance including pots so could still be suitable for you but best to ask for in the app.

In your case, I think it’d be fine. Since there’s a total balance including pots at the top, and you can provide 3 months of statements showing that balance being consistently >whatever the threshold is.

oh, thanks so much! I was worried for a while, but as long as I can get it stamped via the chat with the amount im alright. Thanks guys

Make sure you specify you need month by month statements, as when I got statements for my wife’s visa application, they just ran off a 6 month statement report.

This was fine for what we needed but if you need to show the balance for each individual month, it’s worth being clear on.

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Get in touch via chat, explain what you need and we’ll be able to sort something out for you.

We have a few templates we can always edit :blush:

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thanks for this tip stickle, i will do that!

Hello Dan,
Alright, i will do that. Glad to know Monzo is very helpful.
Thanks a lot!

No problem at all :blush: