Better bank statements for visa application

I’m an overseas citizen living in the UK, and have had to apply for Japanese visa recently and was almost rejected due to the bank statements ( phew :o ).

The confusion arose from the fact that the total amount ( including pots ) did not match the current balance table ( which showed my current balance on each row ).

So the clerk started suggesting I had borrowed money to forge a balance in order to travel.

I lucky managed to convince him otherwise by showing him my monzo app and that the funds were indeed in savings etc.

I use Monzo as my primary bank and with no other banks anymore. So I was wondering if there were ways to improve the statement exports to avoid such situations? :

I think an option to print statements with the total included in the current table row may help :hammer:

Thank yee!

pots aren’t savings accounts… except the ones that are now savings accounts. There should be a summary sheet in my opinion. All other banks usually provide either separate statements or a summary sheet of all accounts.

The problem may be for Monzo that they simply haven’t worked on it since it was implemented. Pots aren’t accounts, so don’t have any requirement for statements. but with the introduction of savings accounts there not accounts on Monzo but are elsewhere. Im not sure where that leaves them.

in any case I agree with you, at the very least the statement should have a clear summary page. “(including pots)” doesn’t mean anything to anyone outside of monzo and just looks like the account total balance doest match the actual account figures.


I also believe there should be real focus on the statement, it’s annoying, however bank statements seem to be needed still for very odd things

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Hey a bit of off topic , but did you request original statements from Monzo support team or just print them out yourself directly from app? I’m applying for Japanese visa myself in a few days.

Hey I printed them off the app.