Ability to view/control account with other banks, through the Monzo app

Both my NatWest and Lloyds apps allow me to connect other bank accounts to them, and Monzo should too! It makes managing multiple accounts much easier. They could show up as a pot, like the saving pots do.

This is being worked on, via open banking.
Monzo already allows you to connect certain credit cards (Halifax, Llloyds, Nationwide, Natwest, RBS & Santander - with MBNA :soon: and hopefully Amex which will please a lot of people)

Once they’re solid, bank accounts should follow. I suspect it isn’t Monzo that is solely behind but the collaboration of using open banking properly by all banks that is the root of the delayed roll-out of such functionality

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I know that open banking is becoming standard across the major banks, but is this something that Monzo is planning to implement?

You can catch up with the Monzo open banking story here;

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