Open Banking, some small progress (for NatWest Group)

Not really news but I note that Monzo accounts can now be added to Open Banking with Natwest/RBS accounts. Monzo is still not available in Halifax/Lloyds/BOS group accounts.
So a small step for Natwest,
(Apologies if I’ve missed it but I still can’t see how to add my Natwest account to Monzo? The original topic appears to be closed)

Been able to add a Monzo account to NatWest for a while now :upside_down_face:

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Thanks, yes I’d assumed it wasn’t news as such but I only ever checked sporadically so it could have been available for months before I happened to check again.
I can only assume that Halifax are a bit miffed since they now offer Barc, Natwest,RBS, Santander, Nationwide, F.Dir/Hsbc/M&S, all including Credit cards and their own +mbna cards.
Still wondering about Monzo’s own though…

External accounts is a Plus feature on Monzo.


Thanks, that would explain why I can’t see it although you’d think it might tell you in the non-
plus app.
Given that all of the mainstream banks offer it for free I’m surprised (and disappointed) that Monzo consider it to be worth asking for payment to use it. Poor show.

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Tells you if you look at what the benefits of Plus are, on the Even more from Monzo carousel

It’s not the same, it’s been built from the ground up with Monzo which gives more data/features.

Thanks, but why would anyone think of checking there?

Because it’s common sense to look at what the offering provides. If people don’t want to find out what’s on offer, that’s on them.

You can lead a horse to water and all that…

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Is it really all of the mainstream banks?
I know Barclays, Natwest group, and Lloyds group offer aggregation.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think HSBC group, Santandar, Nationwide, TSB, Virgin Money, Metro Bank, or Co-Op bank have it. HSBC did have it a while ago but I think it was discontinued.

With the ones that do offer it, what is the quality like when compared to Monzo?

Well I either lack common sense or I’ve been lulled into a false sense of expectation by Natwest/RBS and Halifax/Lloyds where when I use their apps Open Banking is there for me to see. Thus I originally assumed (yes I know) that Monzo might be similar. It never once occurred to me that it might be a premium feature because it never has been in any other scenario for me when I’ve used it.
Blaming the customer for being stupid for not knowing something which isn’t made obvious isn’t a helpful response. Informing me it was available and why I couldn’t see it was helpful. Hopefully in the future someone else who lacks common sense might read this if they can’t find it when they open their app.


yes apologies my comment was an over-generalisation, you’re quite right. The other end of OB does appear in HSBC/FD/Santander/Nationwide apps (to rescind permissions) but you can’t see other banks from theirs. I can’t answer the question as to how it compares because I can’t try on Monzo. What I will say it would have to offer me something spectacularly useful compared with what the Natwest/Lloyds offer to tempt me to pay for it, maybe it does?

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