External Account Integration: NatWest Savings accounts

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When selecting NatWest in the Monzo Plus External Account Integration Choose your account listing, it says:

Current accounts, credit cards, savings

However, I wasn’t able to select my NatWest savings account when selecting my accounts in the NatWest App.

Has anyone able to integrate a NatWest savings account? Or is this something that is “disallowed” by NatWest? If so, the word “savings” should be removed from “Current accounts, credit cards, savings” as it is misleading.

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I second you on that.

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Some savings accounts from NatWest do work with open Banking, but but all of them. That’s controlled by NatWest unfortunately

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Thanks @Chris_R. Out of interest, do you know which ones are allowed? I couldn’t find any listings where NatWest states which are available.

This is from January, but does show you what Trulayer said was supported at the time

Banks aren’t yet required to support savings on open banking so it’s a bit hit and miss at the moment

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Thanks @Chris_R :ok_hand:

Depends whether it’s a payment account.

The Commission explains that the definition of payment account covers all accounts where the holder can place and withdraw funds without any additional intervention or agreement of his payment service provider such as current accounts.


Much has changed since that article was written. The understanding of what a ‘payment account’ was challenged. Not all saving accounts currently have to be shared. Certainly, any that are of a fixed nature, don’t offer withdrawals, or can’t be used for paying for things don’t have to be made available.

My Savings are with NatWest, this answers the question I had around it now showing


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll check our records and see if anyone’s managed to link a NatWest or RBS savings account yet. If not, we’ll remove this :+1:

I got in touch with Natwest about this and they said it was Monzo’s issue. I’ve tried since and haven’t been able to link my standard savings account.

Cc: @tjvr

I’ve double-checked and it looks like we have been able to link a number of NatWest savings accounts successfully. Unfortunately I suspect not all savings accounts are supported.

If NatWest aren’t offering the option to select the account in their app, there isn’t anything we can do I’m afraid :disappointed:

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Natwest chat is not of much use IMO, but to be honest I’ve found you have to ask the right question. What you want to ask is whether that particular saving account supports open banking. But as Tim says, if it’s not available to select to authorise when you add from Monzo, then it’s probably not supported.

FYI, I have an account like this with First Direct. It doesn’t show up for authorisation and when I chatted with FD they told me that account wasn’t supported for open banking (it’s a regular saver).

I’ve just spoken to an agent on NatWest chat, and this is what they said:

Open Banking is available for all accounts from which you can make a payments and thus Savings accounts are not included in this.

The only account eligible to be used for Open banking is Primary Savings which is offered only when customer has no other accounts except a Savings account with no payment functionality.

Sounds unlikely for the other savings accounts.

Out of interest, has anyone got other banks savings accounts to work?

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