Saving pots disappeared

The pots on my joint account have completely disappeared - no relevant transactions are showns in the app (i.e. it doesn’t look the money was stolen) and I am able to create new pots, but cannot see my existing pots at all.

I understand this has happened to other people in the past due to a bug, but I’m not seeing anyone else complaining about this right now. I have sent a message in the in-app chat but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Honestly it’s very discouraging, I know the pots are protected by FSCS but I really hope I don’t have to go through a lot of processes to recover my money.

That’s all it was, a display bug. Your money will be safe I’m sure.

Try removing the app, restart your phone and reinstall :slight_smile:


Could they have been hidden inadvertently?

If you click your profile picture and then the pencil are they there?

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My pots for joint account disappeared too. But not all of them - 3 out of 4. What is happening and if it’s a bug, when will they be brought back?

No they’re not user-hidden, can’t seem them whatsoever. Also the same thing is happening on my wife’s phone (the other owner of the joint account).

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Not sure if related, but I just went into the app and my Personal pots (I don’t have a joint account) have just changed order…? I definitely didn’t do that.

Edit: Also, the EDIT button on the overview (I’m on Android) has gone, and it’s now a pencil (edit icon) in top right next to the cog.

This actually worked! Thanks!


Yeeey! Glad to hear :blush:

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Mine has returned!

My pots have returned to their original order.