Saving Pot

I think it would be great to have a virtual pig/therometer where you can input your savings goal and every time you donate it fills slightly. Gives more motivation to more visual, autsitic members of the public such as myself.

If I’m understanding you correctly, then this is already a feature.

When you open a pot, you have an option to add a goal (you can also edit a pot to change or add one later).

Then, when you look at that pot, you’ll see X% of your goal just below the balance figure.

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I think they mean where you’ll see it digitally filling such as in his examples you’ll see the thermometer getting warmer the more you put in or a piggy bank getting more larger or if it’s transparent you’ll see coins filling it up until you reach your goal then it breaks


Ahhhh I get you. Fair enough.

Sounds like what you’re asking for more broadly is Dynamic Pot Images™ that are capable of showing different images depending on the progress towards the goal for that pot. Kind of like conditional formatting in excel. When choosing a pot image, it could ask for several images depending on the goal progress.


Yep Lewis_P you’ve got it absoultely spot on

A bit like this? But pretending the image updated along specific percentages of the target bar.

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Could just calling it

Example £1500

And you’ll see the amount at £1000 so you know you only need £500 to complete it.

But yes a running bar wouldn’t go a miss.

For all not sure it would literally be like the below. It’s all about the visual stimulation which incentivices a lot of people in the world, its one of the sensory functions that can often be over/under loaded and can be utlisied.