Virtual savings pot (automated)

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I know this feature is pretty popular at the moment and well eventually see it come to really. (The feature I’m most looking forward too atm) but what I’m curious to know if this process could be made a tad more automated.

I assume it will be a simple £100 goes into x pot until you stop it, but I was thinking if you could set it up to to fill to a specific limit. e.g if I wanted to save for the new iPhone I could set up a pot to save £100 every month until I reach that pots goal £600 (the price of the phone) then you would get a push notification saying your pot was full and the app could maybe even stop filling the pot at that point?

Having this automated could be helpful because I fell if people are constantly checking their pots to see where their limits are they might be more tempted to spend that cash especially if their pots have a larger amount of money sitting in them. (Maybe a holiday fund)

Just doing a little brainstorming, ya’ll are doing a fantastic job. :wink::smile:

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