Pot Savings Checkpoints!

I’d love a feature for your Pots where you can breakdown your savings goal into chunks, each with a different name and image.

E.g. I’m saving for a new computer I’m building and it’s an expensive workstation so it’ll be a slog to save for it. I could break down the £3.5K savings goal into, say, £800 for the CPU (yay! Notification!), £1200 for the GPU (yay! Notification!), etc. I think I’d be much more motivated to save - might subdue the feeling of trudging through the desert where my PC is sitting in the oasis at the end.

Hope you consider it :slight_smile:


There is, it’s called multiple pots.

I set my goals low and manually increase it when I’ve reached it

But yeah, I like the idea of multi goals per pot you can set at the start. For Christmas it would be handy coz food and pressies are currently lumped together and I don’t want separate pots

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It’s a good idea, you might be saving for a few different projects and it would become quite easy to max out your pot limit.

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This sounds similar to the feature suggested here:

When pot grouping comes in, this will hopefully be addressed by creating multiple pots, each one for a specific component of your computer, all within a group