Percentage of money saved

It would be great to see at a glance on the Home Screen with all your pots which ones you have reached your goals with. Maybe there could be a percentage bar showing how much you have left to save and they could turn a different colour if you have hit your goal so you know you don’t have to add any more to that pot.

Hey Jenny and welcome :wave:

Good idea, get’s a vote from me!

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I’m not sure If I have read this wrong but, when you create a pot you can already set a goal and it shows a percentage of what has been met and how much is still outstanding on the Home Screen as you swipe across.

Or are we talking about a completely different thing?

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I know you can see it if you click into the pot but I mean the initial page that lists all your pots, e.g if I put £100 in my account it would be nice to see at a glance which pots need topping up does that make sense?

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Ah I understand now, very interesting suggestion. :smile: