Pot 'Target' design idea!

Monzo Target1Monzo Target2

After researching through the forums, I see people already mentioned the idea of a ‘target’ for pots. As a designer who likes a challenge, I thought in designing a new option called ‘Target’. I tried to blend in as much as possible to monzo app design standards.

Please note that I’m not a Monzo employee and Monzo did not ask me to design. I’m simply a big Monzo fan and I love UX/UI so I combined the both to come up with this concept, what do you guys think? :smile:


You should be! :joy: Those designs are great :grinning:

Looks like you’ve grasped what a lot of people have said and constructed a solid design :slight_smile:

Automatic + pots = perfection!

If only you added a lock button too :wink: “I’m sorry Dave, you can’t withdraw from this pot” :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it. So simple & effective. :sunglasses:


Very nice designs, my only criticism would be that your designs don’t indicate:
a) The end goal of the target
b) A visual display of how far you are in the target (Look at Starlings for example)

But otherwise, that’s really clean and simple!


Thank you :raised_hands:
Ah good idea…
I added a ‘Pause’ button you can see on the 4th illustration. When it reaches 3 days before the next instalment, you will get notified so you have 3 days to press pause :joy:

Thank you for the feedback :man_dancing:

Funny you mentioned these, I actually wanted to include these but is a challenge to not change the app too much so it doesn’t look like the original pot :sweat_smile:
On the 4th illustration where it shows ‘£33.40’, thats your actual balance. Which means that in a month time that will show you a different figure :slight_smile:

This is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing :heart_eyes:

Targets/goals in Pots is one of the things we’re most excited to work on next, I’ll definitely be revisiting this when we pick up the project. One of the things I’m considering is other ways to automate deposits into a savings goal. For example, for every £20 I spend add £1 to a savings pot, or always add 10% of my salary into my savings pot :thinking:


Love it!! :slight_smile: this is amazing…

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They are great. Though my issue with pots is having to scroll sideways. Any chance you can design an overview screen for pots with key info displayed lol.

Fantastic work though. 3 days could be great for standing orders, direct debits and future dated payments too :+1:t2:


This is solid stuff, I really like it.

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I think the concept and the screenshots are great! Just what i would be looking for & lets hope Monzo use your creativity and suggestion to make this or something very similar happen, well done mate!


This is a great and I would find this extremely useful! I use monzo with ‘squirrel’ at the moment, which has a feature where your money is automatically taken on a day you decide each month and saved in a different area for ‘holiday’, ‘rainy day fund’ etc etc. Its a great way to hide your savings from yourself which means i’m more likely to keep them! Ideally i’d love it if more saving options were built into monzo, like this idea and then i would just use the one app for tracking my outgoings!


Maybe you can implemt a solution that you can share a pot with some friends. For example you want give a friend a gift and the other friends want give money too so they can sent the money directly to the Pot.

Or to share money for the vacation toughter you have one pot how has to pay something for the group can take the money from the pot.


That’s a sweet idea! We definitely need to be able to lock the pots too.

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Really good stuff, Wilson, well done.
I’ve spent some time working on the same topic (just as an UX design challenge for myself), and ended up with this onboarding processcreatepot_Monzo1createpot_Monzo2PiggyBank


I hope @Hugo is keeping an eye on these forums :slight_smile:


Well done , what a great simple , way of saving for a personal project , who needs special phone apps when Monzo (your trusted modern bank) can do it as part of their service. \Excellent design BTW. :smirk::sparkles:

Love the idea of targets for pots. I would like to transfer a set amount to each of my pots automatically each month so I can save for each item.

Another nice feature and it’s sort of taking what moneybox do…

Putting the difference of a transaction to the nearest pound into a pot. So you buy something at £5.64, it’ll put 36pence into a pot. Almost like the small change jar :grinning:

I love this idea, and it’s the missing piece to pots. I would love to see this sometime soon!