Save together with Pots on joint accounts!

(Sean) #62

I guess the option is to have two bubbles or to include the person who created the transaction in the transaction detail once you open it up, which would you prefer?

(Rob Gill) #63

Genuinely more excited for this more than the any new iPhones of the last 5 years. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ve been checking most days and even managed to beat the official announcement with setting them up :smirk:
Thanks for the hard work!


I bought a coke from tesco using my joint card, the transaction was rounded up to £2, putting 70p into the joint round-up pot. The icon was my picture, not a pot so it is clear it is my transaction.

(Andy) #65

Thanks for this, very interesting. On mine it’s definitely my pot as per below:

@Rika you able to help on this at all? Is this a bug I’m seeing?


Does it depend who made the transaction?

eg: If you make a transaction, you see the pot. If your partner makes a transaction, you see their picture?


I just doubled checked to make sure. The transaction is listed as £2 with my pic against it. When I open the transaction its states £1.30 for tesco and 70p into saver. This is def joint account into a joint round up pot!

(Andy) #68

Thanks! All very odd, are you on Android or iOS?

(Rika Raybould) #69

I’m not able to fix this but I’ve raised it with somebody who can take a look. It’s only a client display issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Joint account round up pot, presentation issue
Pots, roundup and joint accounts


(Andy) #71

Awesome thanks!!

@Andy987 as I suspected! Feeling this is an iOS only issue!

(Sean) #72

Had one of my bill splits on the JA showing my icon instead of the merchant icon. Cleared app data and it rectified itself, does that do anything for you @glasgow?

(Andy) #73

I reinstalled the app earlier to no avail. :confused: hopefully be fixed soon


Yes but not for combined pots, I’m talking about many pots that individually are unlikely to be over 1k.


Thanks @cookywook for keeping us informed throughout development whilst getting this out the door. Appreciate it!

(Chris) #76

Seems to be a minor issue with rounding pots. If I have one on my personal account, I can’t have a joint rounding pot on the joint account too. I can only have one or the other?

Would be good to round my personal transactions into my personal rounding pot, and any joint expenses rounded into a joint rounding pot.


That’s odd, I’ve got round-up pots active on both accounts and it’s working fine. I remember seeing on the forum yesterday / the day before that some people were having trouble with the setting deactivating itself, have you tried toggling round-up off and on for both accounts?

(Mo) #78

Thank you so much for this!

(Daniel White) #79

I have the same issue on iOS TF version as well so you’re not alone.

(James Murray-Ferris) #80

I’ve noticed a slight UI issue with using a round up pot and the joint accounts feed.

Not a major one for me but if the transaction is rounded up then it shows the logo for my round up pot but then you don’t know who made the transaction (not a massive issue tbh) but it would be nice to have both pieces of information so who made the transaction and that it was rounded up.

Also when you do movements of money in and out of pots the transactions aren’t marked as who performed them and that would be a nice to have as well.

(Andy) #81

This has been flagged up above and Monzo are looking in to it, fingers crossed it’s fixed soon as it’s quite annoying!