Save together with Pots on joint accounts!


When you tap into a transaction on a joint account does it tell you who made the transaction on that screen? Or is the badge the only way of knowing?

(Also, can you filter by who made the transaction?)

(Jeremy) #83

Yolt seems to assign my joint pot balance to both personal and joint account overall balances, double counting the value. Anyone else finding this?

(Andy) #84

The badge is the only way of knowing, doesn’t even tell you on the account statement :no_mouth:


Oh boo. Feels like an iteration is needed!

(Daniel White) #86

I notice that this error with the thumbnail is still outstanding.

Is anyone having an issue where whenever the app is updated the Round Up turns off? Mine keeps turning off on the Joint Account and the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is App updates.

(Only available in amateur ) #87

Yep it’s so annoying. If you make changes to your pots or app updates it turns off on the solo account.

(Daniel White) #88

Glad it’s not just me, thought I was going mad!

(Daniel White) #89

Is this something that’s documented somewhere @Rat_au_van; are Monzo aware?

I’ve not really kept up to date with Pots and Round Ups to be honest because I had no use for them on my Personal Account but really want to make use of them on the Joint Account!

(Only available in amateur ) #90

Been on a few threads and slack, might have been too close to Christmas to get a fix to the App Store. Only started when locked pots came out

(Andy) #91

Any update on the status of the bug where the joint pot image shows on iOS rather than the payees image when rounding is enabled?

(Chris) #92

Yup, seems like they fixed it now. I can have rounding pots on personal and joint accounts separately.

(Daniel White) #93

Over a month since you said you’d get someone to take a look at this.

Any news?

(Rika Raybould) #94

No updates. Unfortunately, it’s also not something I can really fix myself.

(George) #95

Just a suggestion (and it may have already been suggested) but would it make sense to move the person’s face circle to the bottom right, to keep it consistent with Round Up circle being in the top right?


This would also proactively fix a future issue with Bill Splitting faces (if Bill Splitting comes to Joint Accounts at some point).

NB: I think moving the Joint Account person’s face to the bottom left would make it easier to understand at a glance.