Overdraft is in three places in the new app - keep in one place, out of the main tab. Its bank advertising and not useful info

The update has removed useful features as the graph and now brings more into focus the products as the overdraft which can now be accessed in three different places: under the card picture, at things you can do with Monzo and in the settings tab.
Although I understand the need to sell products I find this insistence annoying, knowing it comes by removing useful features to the user as it is the graph - that being the feature that made me chose Monzo and not other challengers.

The pulse graph wasn’t in those places so it hasn’t replaced it

They are working on a replacement which will work better than pulse did


This is the second time this week someone’s tried to conflate different issues and try to sell them as related.

Two things happened at the same time. There is no connection between them beyond that.


Hi @Cosci,

I agree with you. The new navigation isn’t intuitive at all.

To the moderators that are so quick to shut down any negativity, why not just address the actual point being made - the one in the title?


Yes it’s in 3 places.

The OP stated this was why the pulse was removed, no it’s not

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As a reader of this (so far short) topic, your response seems to have either mistakenly Or deliberately misunderstood the OP’s point in order to devalue it.

I understand what they’re trying to say and, whilst no doubt not aligning with your view, I understand their point and that’s their view.

I’ve not seen the first occasion and nor do I care.

What I’d do care about is this growing pattern of “Coral Crew” who seemingly jump on any view with which they don’t agree and then try and devalue it or bury it.

I dare say that the response to me, from Coral Crew, will be to round on me (for expressing a view that doesn’t conform with theirs) saying that this is a forum and people have different views and I should live with it.

And they’re absolutely correct except that the issue here is individuals who have some level of privilege, on behalf of monzo, to moderate the community. And they’re blurring the line between having views of their own and moderating the community. Essentially, rather than allowing others to express a differ view or opinion (even politely!), they’ll squash those conversations if they believe them to be less than praiseworthy of Monzo.

Ultimately Monzo needs to decide whether it wants a forum for its customers. It also needs to look at the behaviour of the Coral Crew. I think some aren’t able to maintain objectivity with views that are different to their own. …unless of course Monzo is sanctioning this sort of behaviour?

I hope that I’ve made a fair point objectively. I don’t expect Coral Crew to agree with it and I fully expect my post to be removed as it doesn’t conform to groupthink.


I do agree its in 3 places

With respect, I don’t believe the OP has said that at all.

They’ve said the the graph was removed and they’ve said that the overdraft stuff appears in three places.

I’m not trying to disagree with you, just say that I believe your interpretation is mistaken.


It’s my interpretation of this :woman_shrugging:

Does turning lending promotions off hide these or is it just feed items?

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Wow, bits of this thread are like being back in 2017 :joy:

The problem with the graph is is was roundly disliked by a vocal minority of forum users

and it also never lived up to the intentions that Monzo had for it so there’s an argument to be made, rightly or wrongly, that in this instance the forum community had their way.

I should say that I don’t notice the overdraft stuff, I just don’t care about that sort of thing sufficiently.

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My point was relatedly generally to how I see Coral Crew behaving in this community. You’ve decided to relate it only to what the OP is talking about.

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That is supposed to be topic here. Other stuff can have its own topic elsewhere.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Take a different view and the. Oral Crew work Together to close you down.

Mike, essentially I’ve made an observation in yours and Rat’s responses to the OP, specifically in this topic, and more generally across much of what I see in this community. I don’t think it’s warranted to start a new topic on my views of how you police this community in general as opposed to how you police this particular topic.

I don’t post often since coming back from a long break after being bullied here. The behaviour I see in Coral Crew blurring their responsibilities with their personal views very much seems to work to close down anyone remotely critical of anything about Monzo or, in this case, the OP’s view on the redesigned app, lack of graph and pushing of overdraft.

I really don’t have as much appetite for dissecting your posts as you have for mine so I shall politely step out now having made my point. I trust that you’ll accept my point, even if you don’t agree with it. After all, I’ve been told here before that this is a forum and people have different views.


Coral crew are people too, customers in fact that are doing their best to help out. They sometimes don’t get things perfect, no one does.

Being just volunteers, they aren’t paid or representing Monzo. If you think they are repeatedly being heavy handed and biased take to DM them and talk it out, not in forums. They don’t owe you a reply though, so don’t be sour if they say that’s their personal view deal with it or ignore it.

Let’s move on.

That graph was one of the most passionately hated things about the old app in the forums.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I personally found it just wasted screenspace as I always wanted to swipe up to hide it. They could implement a swipe down to show it for those that found it useful.

I think the title might be best updating to show what the idea/feedback is that people are voting on as it’s just a factual statement atm, otherwise I’m adding my support to confirm yep it’s in three places with no clear idea to improve or suggestion what should be done about it. App needs improving doesn’t cut it and hopefully everyone agrees it’s not perfect and needs work.


The pulse graph was in the main tab, now replaced by a nice but useless for me picture of the card, with overdraft nicely highlighted in orange.
For me this is advertising, splashed right in my face, every time I open the app.
I, a user, a client, am ignored by the need of the bank to promote its product. A need which is so obvious because I find the same “advertisement” in two other places - but there is now no direct way to know how my running balance was.
Yes, I know, I can export a statement. But before the update, this info was there, at the first glance in the app.
Now that info, useful for me, is replaced by bank advertising not by something useful.
Obviously, this is just a personal opinion.
I understand that others might have hated the graph. But I seriously doubt they like to see “Overdraft” everywhere ( metaphorically speaking - in three separate tabs).


I loved the graph so you’re preaching to the converted here

I only see the overdraft under my balance when I’m using it, which is pretty important to avoid or minimise charges. Are you seeing it at other times?

Hopefully it won’t be long until the replacement is introduced :crossed_fingers:

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Agree it seems overkill to have the overdraft mentioned in three places. I think if you msg in-app they can remove the ‘in feed’ one (under the card picture). I did this a few months ago but that was on the old layout so not sure if it’s still possible.

I don’t look at ‘Things you can do with Monzo’ or my ‘Settings’ all that often so those ones don’t bother me.