Is this a new thing?!?

I’m normally fairly perceptive - but is this line graph a new thing?!

I kinda like it!


Have you only recently gotten a monzo account? :wink:

If so (your screenshot is broken btw :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) I’m guessing you’ll be referring to the pulse graph at the top of your home page? :sunglasses:

That graph only appears after the first couple of months of being a user - cool eh? :wink:

Well fairly new I guess two or three months I’d estimate.

What other stuff is hidden around the corner?!

Fixed link!

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That’ll be it then!

Level up: You’ve now unlocked the Pulse graph :boom:


I give it a couple months and you’ll join the it’s pointless camp and wish you could swipe up to perm hide it and give another two transactions on screen instead. :wink:

If you swipe left/right on it scrolls through time.


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