Using Monzo on foreign website



Will I get charged for using my Monzo card on a foreign website to do some shopping? i.e. the USA Amazon?


(James Wheatley) #2

I doubt it unless the company in question charges extra. Monzo does not charge for international transactions you will only pay the Mastercard rate at the time.


No is the simple answer - Just make sure you don’t accept retailer’s currency conversion. So if you shop at a US site pay in $

(Colin Robinson) #4

No, I’ve already used several times :slight_smile:

(Hugh) #5


As has been mentioned, Monzo don’t charge for foreign transactions at the Point Of Sale - so that’s websites and at checkouts. You’ll get the MasterCard exchange rate (which is normally the best rate) without any fees :slight_smile:
Make sure you don’t accept any currency conversion, ie. ensure the transaction goes through in Dollars otherwise the retailer will charge you (with a bad exchange rate) for the feature Monzo offers for free :stuck_out_tongue: Amazon does this by default (it charges cards in the local currency of the Amazon site)

Withdrawing cash from foreign ATMs is a little bit different as they charge Monzo a hideous amount in access charges but you probably won’t need to worry about that!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Brilliant - thanks so much for your answer!


Thank you! I’ll get shopping now.


thanks for your reply!


Hi there couldn’t find the help section or online chat so had to post on here.
Has anyone bought online from another country and have it delivered to that country?
I am wanting to purchase something in Greece for a friend and don’t know if this is possible ? Any help would be appreciated :wink:

(MikeF) #10

I moved your post here as the issues are related (although yours was specific to the prepaid card).

(Change Works) #11

It shouldn’t be a problem. I know someone who lives in Spain and regularly uses to have goods delivered in the U.K.

(Leonard) #12

Yeah my mum frequently buys stuff from the states and has it delivered to our family in NY. All’s good!

(Andre Borie) #13

It shouldn’t be a problem however they could consider it as suspicious as it’s frequently done by fraudsters - stolen card from country X buying on a site from country Y and delivering to country Z, so they might ask for more info or take longer to process the first order (once you’re an established customer it should be fine).

(Justin I'Onn) #14

Would it be cheaper to link the Monzo card to a Curve card, and pay via Curve?


No, it will not be cheaper I think. Curve actually says this;

Each time you use Curve to make a purchase or cash withdrawal in a different currency to your underlying bank account (that you have selected in the Curve app), we provide the currency exchange for you. We charge a super low 1% foreign exchange fee on top.

If you pay with your Monzo card you will not pay any exchange fees at all for purchases online or in shops etc… And for cash withdrawals you will have first £200 fee-free on a monthly cycle then it’s 3% charge. So Curve might be cheaper for cash with drawls after you would have used your £200 monthly allowance.

(Hugh) #16

Definitely not for POS purchases, Monzo doesn’t charge any % on top of the MasterCard rate