A Mastercard Reward Scheme

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I discovered this this morning and signed up with my Monzo card. If you’re likely to spend at some of the supported retailers in the scheme and like free money then might be worth signing up.


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I would hope in future that Monzo marketplace will include these sorts of things natively.

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That’s not what the marketplace is about so I doubt it.


To the best of my knowledge this is a third party scheme and not an official one run by Mastercard.

Here is one of the official schemes and it is open to all Mastercards debit and credit https://www.priceless.com/en-gb.html

There are also regular short term promotions such as the recent ended one of donating money to the world food programme every time you travel on TfL (https://www.mastercard.co.uk/content/mccom/en-gb/about-mastercard/what-we-do/privacy/tfl-terms.html/) which are promoted on their website as and when they occur.

Other regions of Mastercard (e.g. Mastercard US) tend to have promotions too which while you may be unaware of them you could benefit if travelling. A friend of mine last year went to America and in one shop got their coffee free because they were paying by Mastercard while her friend paying with Visa didn’t. Rather odd as I can’t see shops in UK wanting to discriminate by card that way!


Also it’s for Credit Cards only.

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Seems to accept a Monzo card just fine…

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Just thought I would post this as it looks like its quite interesting, works with Monzo and works with environmentally friendly company’s


Use code WELCOME150 for extra points. Essentially its a points rewards system for MasterCard cards.

Hope this helps save some money!

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Doesn’t SOLT have something for MasterCard holders?


Never heard of it…tell us more

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Took a bit of Googling, but it turns out it’s long expired: http://londonist.com/2015/06/get-your-hands-on-free-interval-ice-cream-with-tkts (expired in 2015).

But the basic idea was that if you bought tickets using a Mastercard from TKTS (the official SOLT ticket booth), you got a voucher for free ice cream during the interval. Offer long gone, though.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #11

you’ll see your Ice discount as money back on your credit card bill.

I don’t think Monzo has credit card bills :wink: so sadly it’s doubtful you’ll ever see a return from this reward scheme! D:

(Allie) #12

Why? Assuming they do a refund transaction, it should work?

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