Save even faster with advanced Pot round ups!

Hey everyone! :wave:

Recently, we were asked “Will roundup transactions ever get more then [sic] a $1?”

One of our engineers @while-loop worked some magic and now… * drumroll * :drum:

You can save even faster with advanced Pot round ups! Round up transactions to your favorite Pot beyond just the nearest dollar. Choose a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x. :abacus:

For example, a $1.10 transaction would normally round up 90¢ but with a 5x multiplier, $4.50 will be rounded up to your Pot! :tada:



Ooh, where is this from? :eyes:

But that’s not rounding! You’re not left with a round number at the end!

(But congrats, excellent work)

Discord! We’re part of a server that a bunch of other (US) fintechs and budgeting apps are included in. We also get great feedback from the Discord community!

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Woo hoo!!