Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge

Perfect, thank you. Just one question, how did you get the ‘Done?’ column’s to contain tick boxes instead of ‘True’ / ‘False’?

If you’re using Google Sheets, it’s in the edit or format section (I think!) :smile:

If you’re on Excel, I’m really not sure :see_no_evil:

I’m intrigued as to what makes this more appealing than saving £55.odd a month.

Seems bizarre to me to save in a way that leaves you with less and less money the further through the year you go

Seems good but aren’t you just paying yourself with your own money so not really gaining? Unless you reduce your expenses anyway.

Acclimatises you towards saving. I think it’s better in reverse saving more in Jan, typically a less costly month and savingess in Dec, often a costly month.

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Knowing my mindset, I think I’d give up in the last couple of months of the reverse 1p challenge. I’d just transfer the last few quid rather than wait.

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That’s how saving works


I am on £1 challenge Monday £1 Tuesday £2 so on locked until August My holiday expenses pot.

love the idea of this but really not comfortable with the permissions of a site i’ve never heard of - particularly to freeze my card.


IFTTT is hugely popular, their services are integrated with all the internet/tech giants across the world.

They can’t freeze your card though and if I’m being honest, there isn’t much they can do with your account. EG. they can’t see your balance either, or make any transfers, but the little things they have access to are all controllable by you anyway.

What @kieranmch wrote earlier in the topic should help reassure you too :slight_smile:

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You should of been able to unsubrscribe to the emails in your account.

I’ve had no calls from them

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Why would IFTTT call you?


No reason for anyone at either IFTTT or Monzo to call you.
You can control email notifications from IFTTT.

I have been using IFTTT for several years and not once have I ever had a call from anyone from many of the services I have connected to it. I get one email from them because I choose to.

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As others have stated.

Huge IFTTT user here with zero calls or emails from them. Something is fishy here :fish:


Hi there, this doesn’t sound right to us. We’d love to investigate further what’s happened here. Please drop us a message via the in-app chat with more info and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

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I’ve restarted the 1p savings challenge. Can anyone tell me what my total should be today please?

Mine was 1.85

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Thanks mate. And the total? If you started January 1st?

No I just started last month. Also got the weather applet on. Quite a few pounds went in last week but that is probably summer finished with now. Rounds up also.

I thought the 1p savings applet would start at 1p from the day you switch it on and work for 365 days. Didn’t know it was based on calendar year.

£172.05 :slight_smile:

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