Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge

Feeling the heat from dozens, i wonder :thinking:

I’ve been scooping it up weekly and dropping it in my Marcus account, might as well pick up a few more pence from the interest

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I’ve locked my 1p Challenge Pot. IF I can, on 1st January I’ll hopefully dump it (or some of it) to Marcus as well. Next year I’ll do it in reverse I think.

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I like this, and I was in the process of replicating the spreadsheet when I realised that it relies on quite hefty deposits in the last weeks of the year. There’s no way I could do this, so I’ve adjusted the premise so it peaks mid-year and then drops again. The return isn’t as hefty, but I think it’s more workable:



Yep, def don’t want IFTTT to access all of my data.
Would be a lot cooler if Monzo created it.

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IFTTT is of course entirely opt-in. Having spent an extensive amount of time working with them, they are culturally a similar company to Monzo and take privacy seriously.

Although the permissions list on the sign-in page is quite large, in practice IFTTT only currently are allowed by Monzo to access a subset of the things listed. We wanted to ask for wide up-front approval so that if we want to add more triggers and actions in future, you won’t be forced to sign in again and re-approve.

IFTTT will only access your data when there’s a need to (because you’ve set up an applet). The data they can access is also highly time-limited (48 hours of transactions, for example). They use the data in line with their privacy policy. You can go to to view an export of all the data they hold on you or delete all the data at any time.


Are you possibly able to provide the spreadsheet for this please, would love a tracking spreadsheet in that format!

Here you go :slight_smile:

I’ve exported my Google Sheets version and uploaded it :raised_hands:

Does this work with joint bank accounts?

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Unfortunately not :sob:

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Just wish it worked with Joint accounts. :frowning:

Perfect, thank you. Just one question, how did you get the ‘Done?’ column’s to contain tick boxes instead of ‘True’ / ‘False’?

If you’re using Google Sheets, it’s in the edit or format section (I think!) :smile:

If you’re on Excel, I’m really not sure :see_no_evil:

I’m intrigued as to what makes this more appealing than saving £55.odd a month.

Seems bizarre to me to save in a way that leaves you with less and less money the further through the year you go

Seems good but aren’t you just paying yourself with your own money so not really gaining? Unless you reduce your expenses anyway.

Acclimatises you towards saving. I think it’s better in reverse saving more in Jan, typically a less costly month and savingess in Dec, often a costly month.

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Knowing my mindset, I think I’d give up in the last couple of months of the reverse 1p challenge. I’d just transfer the last few quid rather than wait.

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That’s how saving works


I am on £1 challenge Monday £1 Tuesday £2 so on locked until August My holiday expenses pot.

love the idea of this but really not comfortable with the permissions of a site i’ve never heard of - particularly to freeze my card.