Santander usage spend analytics


Today I learnt that Satander have, since mid 2015, had an app that analyses spend on your debit card with them. This app provides many of the analytics mondo provides, varying in different ways. The interface is what I would like most to be brought to the attention of mondo development. Mainly the presentation of category spend wheels in relation to spend. They present data in graph form as mondo already does.

If you are a Santander customer on iOS (I’m not an android user, so don’t know if there is an app for that platform) give it a try.

Source: Spendlytics by Santander UK plc

(Alexie Staffer) #2

The data that the spendylitics app gives is good, but I have the UI. I never know what screen I’m being taken to next, or how to get back to data I’ve already seen. I find it really hard to make sense of what I’m being presented with. Great data but poor implementation.