Spending visualization / budgeting tool

So I finally got to some ng one purchase with the mondo card to get the app activated.

One thing I’m curious about since I’ve only used it for one day is whether or not it has other visualisation features.

Right now all I can see is how much I spend a day or in a month. Imo nothing fancy.

Suggested features:
Pie chart visualization daily, weekly, monthly, annually and date range. This gives me the breakdown.

Stacked area/bar chart by the same breakdown again to give me a comparison of spending over time.

Ability to categorize certain items as exceptionals And ability to select deselect categories for the above displays. This allows us to track item vs item spending and show what normalized spending is excl. Exceptionals.

This could also be extended to income/or revenue streams coming from multiple sources.

Other features could include moving averages to directly show normalized spend etc etc. Kind of like a run rate/ cash flow analysis.

Also could help if there is a budgeting tool for example limit spending by day/week/month/year/period or selective days of the week or months to control outgoings and spend for maybe let’s say a night out or a holiday season.


Many on the community here are also asking for some more useful budgeting facilities to be included. These have been included in the development roadmap which is very encouraging to see.

Edit - And today @ole is currently running a session to better understand user requirements for budgeting.

Another useful tool would be a forecasting tool. Along with the displays. It could be a rough seasonality based, moving average based or even just a rough extrapolated figure

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