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The Zero card had native Garmin Pay, but the other Santander cards don’t? Says a lot about the way that bank thinks Garmin Pay is going…

All Santander cards have Garmin Pay support.

It’s just other Santander cards are not interesting. They either have monthly fee, or do not have zero FX fees. And I want to use credit card on my watch both home and abroad.

For example, I don’t need or want a balance transfer or a purchase offer card from Santander which in the end turns into a no feature pumpkin.

However, maybe I will get it, just for Garmin pay facility.


Just downloaded it from the play store

In set-up

  • Bio-metrics to authorise transitions - cannot turn on - coming soon
  • Notification - cannot turn on - coming soon

In app

Interestingly it shows two tabs for my main account - one for the account and a separate one for the debit card associated with it.

If you go to the card - it has easier to access buttons for card control (coming soon), view pin (coming soon), freeze card and repot card.

My money manager - coming soon.

It’s a bit slow at moment and most things don’t work but looks fairly good.


From what I can tell, they don’t want us to download it unless we’ve been invited to the trial (but they clearly aren’t that bothered both that). They seem to be releasing a few features at a time to test them out.

Well you can set up trials like that - odd they didn’t.

They might turn it on and cut off anyone who hasn’t isn’t on it at that point.

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They probably just aren’t that bothered. It’s one sentence in the description and it’s a please rather than a “do not”.

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I wasn’t invited but logged in fine.


Yeah. Same as everyone else here I think. If they were that bothered, they would have put in actual methods to stop anyone just signing up.


I wonder if later you will be able to use your own custom photo for log-on? Would make it harder to spoof the app no?

Somewhere I saw an option that would mean you could upload your own photo. Don’t have a clue where though

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It showed up on first install.

Interesting - I did not get that option - a/b testing maybe?

Also even though you cannot turn on notification if you go into the menu >> Setting >>> Personal Settings >>> app permissions >>> you can enable notifications here. if it does something I have no idea…

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Just been getting adverts for Santander Edge current account on Instagram… is this a new account? Never seen it before.

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Looks like they just renamed the 123 Lite to Edge


Yes, its a replacement for the Santander 123 Lite account which has been withdrawn.

It has a higher monthly fee then the Lite and different cashback rates.


And a linked savings product.

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New Santander switch offer

Interesting you can get this offer even if you already have a current account with them.

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Lloyds Group allows you to as well, just needs to be a paid for account.

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Hum… Do I ditch chase or monzo for the easy cash…