Santander chat ♨️

Chase can’t be used as not part of CASS.

You won’t be able to reopen a monzo account for a long time or for ever, unsure what the workaround is :eyes:


Alas I am ineligible as have already previously benefited from a switch offer from Santander.

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As Carl said, Chase isn’t part of the switch scheme.


Well that makes it easy - monzo it is.

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Looks like Santander has updated their homepage a bit to match the updates made to the rest of their website. Not big changes, just minor layout changes, especially with the section below having fewer links.

I am glad to see them updating their website and their app, but I really hope they focus on online banking soon. I personally think it does work well and is easy to use, but the look of it is instantly off-putting and goes against the more modern look they have been using recently everywhere else.

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Did you email Santander with everything they got wrong, like you did with Starling?


I didnt do that with starling. I messaged them about one element of the website as it displayed wrong information about their competitors.

I dont really see why you felt the need to ask that. All i pointed out was the homepage has changed, and repeated the common opinion that online banking looks outdated. That isnt the same as what happened with Starling.

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Because I enjoyed what you did with Starling.

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Not going to be doing that again. Just a one time thing i think!

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Was wondering if anyone actually won anything on these things, but I just won a Costa voucher on Santander Boosts. Obviously not the greatest thing ever to win, but still happy to get something for free.

What is this Boosts thing? I saw it in app but it wasn’t clear.

That said as useless as their chat and app is, their phone support was actually very pleasant. UK-based, answered quickly, and very clued up on what to do.

Completely disagree about their chat. Always been able to do exactly what I wanted, but might be because I’ve never needed anything too complex.

Santander Boosts is their rewards scheme. There are cashback offers and a few discounts and competition stuff. I’ve managed to get a £40 Amazon voucher from one of the providers so pretty good for me so far.

The app is pretty basic, but I’ve always found it very easy to use, plus they are testing a new app which seems better than their current one (just hope the new app isn’t as slow as it currently is when it actually launches).

I just wanted to raise a query to see why I had two hard searches after opening one account. Response was just a generic ‘we need to call you’ and something about keeping the app open while on the call? Confusing as hell.

Also, their heavy reliance on a 5-digit passcode is worryingly unsecure.


…and not a Fintech in sight, which is unusual for a bank story nowadays!

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I’m confused as to what Apple Pay had to do with her case. Any balance alerts would be provided by Santander.

In Santander’s new app, you can add a photo for your profile, like Starling. I just tried it out and it did work really well (and was probably easier to use than Starling’s) and was actually quick which surprised me haha.

However, why is this a thing? I’ve never understood why you would want to add a photo to your banking app. I did it just to try it out but why did banks decide this was a feature to include?

You can do that in the TSB app too. I can understand how it’s useful to add a photo for your payees, like you can with Starling, but I can’t see much point in having your own photo there, unless it’s just to make the app look nicer and make it feel more personal.

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Barclays ask you to add a custom phrase when setting up the app saying that it’s a ‘security measure’ and that if you do not see that phrase when logging in you shouldn’t continue, might be similar to that?

Not sure how necessary it is as a security measure, haven’t heard of people spoofing banking apps (websites sure) and that would be hard to do on iOS.

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