All change at Santander 123 on 27 October 2020

Looks like they are at it again. Cashback changes, for the worse, and monthly account fees rise, wef 27 October 2020.

Time to close this account and bring my Household Bills into my Bills pot with Monzo (which is where my main income goes anyway). After all, the regular saver, the main reason why I opened a Santander account a few years ago, offers no value to me after my current one matures this weekend.

One less current account to deal with :grin:


I forget Santander exist sometimes. Nobody I know is still with them. They’ve butchered these accounts to within an inch of their lives.

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I’ve been happy with Santander 123 Lite as my bills account. Has been netting me approx £63 per year in cashback (after fees). These changes will mean my net cashback will go down to approx £50 per year. I’ll now take a look at some other cashback accounts but I suspect there’s a strong chance I’ll stay with Santander.

My net gain would be 43p, post changes, so not worth the effort tbh