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Looks like Santander is going after Fintechs :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the misleading title :lying_face: :laughing:!

I looked at the Santander site once when trying to see which legacy bank account I wanted to use as a backup… I was so confused as at the time there was around six different choices; including “Lite” versions of everything. (I thought it was a bank website and not one for a greasy burger bar!? :wink: )

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But you can use their mortgage calculator! It makes all their failings and the positives of fintech go out of the window!

I think I was once tempted to join them when it was Alliance & Leicester but never heard anything about them good or bad really.

I literally know nothing of Santander. I don’t think I know anyone who has a current account with them either. I’d assume there not great tech wise otherwise they’d be mentioned more?

I know Barclays are very good tech wise and is probably the most talked about legacy bank here.

Very much likewise, I’ve never really heard much about them either way?

I’ve got a long standing account with them, primarily for their C/A interest. End of.

They’re about as un-tech as it gets. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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They’re OK. Pretty much on par with most other legacy banks out there in terms of their app anyway.

Sure, but perhaps a little more effort by the likes of Lloyd’s and Barclays.

That whole advert was ultimately about an early repayment mortgage calculator? Which you can probably find online anyway!

But it did have Ant an Dec, so that’s ok.

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Haha looks like it. Fintechs are fads for kidults while Santander has the grown up stuff. A mortgage calculator :rofl: !

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Is anyone going to remember which company the advert is about?

When old people poke fun at young folk … because secretly it’s all moving too fast and it scares them.

Santander was my first account back when it was abbey national.

Their app does the basics but I don’t feel them being tech orientated. I still get weekly text alerts to keep an eye on my balance because logging in is suchhhhh a pain without fingerprint. (and they recently changed login and made it harder!?)

I have a legacy account with Santander - my parents set me up with a Children’s Super ISA or whatever it was called when it was Abbey.

Only reason I have the Santander is the fee free postgraduate overdraft - other than that it serves no purpose - app isn’t great (and I have had about 3/4 different apps - they don’t seem to update one but bring a new one out) - the account itself takes about 3-4 days to actually tell me money has moved out (and I have to work out how much I have by subtracting two numbers) - and there is about 0 tech in the app or its overall processes.

Not the best, not the worst - but a far cry from what people are becoming to expect from a bank.

There really is nothing quite so annoying as being told by a millionaire convicted drink driver that I should drink less coffee in order to save money.


But he wasn’t really telling you drink less coffee, he was actually laughing at Monzo and Monzo customers, a bit too obvious.

Funny they are taking jibes at the bank that can automatically tell me how much money I have in my account so that I can save money efficiently and not have to wait 2-3 days for the balance to correctly adjust :rofl::rofl:


I still can’t quite believe that Santander doesn’t show pending card payments. I thought that was pretty much standard these days, even with the legacy banks.


I believe that the Credit Card page will tell me where there is a “processing payment” but my Current Account won’t. I even got the weekly text alert to tell me my balance which was wrong as a transaction over the weekend hadn’t adjusted my balance. It is one of the main reasons I loved Monzo so much when I joined in the pre-paid days.

It really isn’t a good experience with them in all honesty


Same! So long ago. :open_mouth:

Turkey of the Week - Santander’s Ant & Dec ad hangs by a thin thread

I can see why some customers threatened to leave the bank. It’s not every day that an ad makes customers so annoyed that they threaten to leave your business altogether…