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So it seems we have never had a Santander thread for some reason so I thought I’d create one as a few changes appear to be occuring.

Firstly, Santander Retailer Offers are going and will be replaced by Santander Boosts, whatever that is.

Secondly, they have updated the imagery and layout on most of their website. I think these changes do help the website look a lot modern. They just need to update online banking next!


Welcome back!


Thank you! I’d like to give a big speech about where I went, but there isn’t one. I just didn’t post haha.


As long as you’re all good.

Back on topic…

I hope this means they’re going to do another CASS offer, now I’m one of those people.


Last was only August

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! 2.75% Easy access savings account.

Available until 1 November 2022 or until earlier withdrawal, if fully subscribed.


Must… resist… :joy:

Hopefully the others will catch up soon. While it’s tempting, I’m not sure that constantly chasing the best rate actually results in much benefit.

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With the possible exception of Barclays (5% easy access) I’m inclined to agree. Will folk really notice a difference between 1.9 and 2.75 etc

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Depends on the amount being moved.

Some of us are lucky :blush:


And nationwide (5% too)!

I tried to open a barclays account, my ID step failed so they asked me to go into branch. Ok, cool. Did that. Waited 40 minutes, they told me “you need to call up to make an appointment”. Ok, cool.

2 hours waiting on the phone and I finally got through to a human.

“The next available appointment is on the 23rd of November”

I just gave up, I am not waiting a month and a half to show someone my driving license :joy:


0.5/1% cashback for everyone :pray:t3::sweat_smile:

Steal all the chase competition. Need to update their app a little and introduce notifications.

My account is dormant at the moment.

I already have a Santander current account so for me it makes sense just to put most of the current account in.

Emptied my Virgin current account into it.

Not a major gain, but tidier tbh.


Transferring everything from Zopa. Worth it for an extra £10 per month interest.

Pity the rest of my cash is in a fixed saver at what is now only 2.3%


Except I rather suspect that Santander won’t increase the rate on this account for quite a while, yet we’re expecting the Bank of England to increase rates again soon, so Zopa et al may well catch up (or overtake) pretty shortly.

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3 days to open a savings account…

I received the same email but it was followed within seconds by another saying the account was now open.

Zopa only just increased their easy access rate to 2.15% yesterday, so it will be some time, I think, before it overtakes Santander.

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Was opened very quickly for me as well.

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Mine is open as well
Their mobile app is so basic and sloooow… Savings account is on top now

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