Santander chat ♨️

iOS App Store already has it.

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Again, different in my app. Assuming you’re on Apple?

The first option for me says:

More support
Support with common questions

And I’ve never had an issue with Sandi. It’s always worked very well for me. Maybe Santander just don’t like Apple :laughing:

Or maybe they don’t like me. :cry:

I’d have thought that banks should make it easy for customers to not be shown advertising for loans etc.


Does Santander have merchant data for direct debits?

Not that I’m aware of.

They seem to have the space for merchant data but so far no.

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Wouldn’t that be the easiest thing? Just scrape the logo from the name displayed on the mandate.
I wonder if eventually there’ll be a database where the merchant uploads their logo

does Santander app have notifications for debit card and direct debits etc?


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Thanks want sure as it mentions push on the alerts

I get SMS for the alerts, don’t recall push notifications tbh

I’ve had message notifications come fairly promptly from their cs teams.

The website also refers to if a debit/credit card refund is due they will send a notification (like a transactional one).

Transactions must be next in line.

The app isn’t too bad. Could be smaller writing within.

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I get a weekly balance push notification in addition to sms.

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Santander the only high street bank that supports Garmin Pay :slight_smile: Just found out today :slight_smile:

Don’t remember if the pilot app had this, but just noticed the pending is added up under your balance which is handy:

Is it possible to add a running balance?

On transactions there is a running balance.

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Ahhh presumably you covered it?

Yeah… it’s like this

The “insights” that appear days after the event are as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

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Be closing it after the bonus is paid, I’ve spent on the card over a week ago but still no insights.

Does it run on month to month?

The insights is done in arrears and is month to month. It’s ok but not a scratch on Monzo or Starling for the information they provide. I hardly ever use it.

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