Overseas Bank Account

So Who’s to make a list?

So Far


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Does Wise even count?

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Using wise to move money into is HSBC One is instant, just throwing it out there

Wise does not as it is a UK company imo

It does in the sense that it gives you overseas account numbers which can work like fully local accounts. I’ve used the USD account details like that and could see me using the Australian one at some point.

On the list front…

Charles Schwab but you need $25000 to open it these days.

Santander Spain with the non-resident account. That one in the other thread was a business account.

Bankera is a Lithuanian EMI. Very useful for avoiding those pesky non EU ATM fees.

Capital One bank can be opened if you roll up to their New York branch in person.

Fineco Italy, if you walk into a branch in Italy.

Is it possible to move GBP from Wise to HSBC One’s GBP Savings wallet? There must be a way of doing it

I’ll have a play with it but I’m not sure. The main currency of the account is HKD which may be its limitation. It would be AMAZING if it’s possible to pay directly into the GBP deposit account

I’m onto Live Chat now asking… :saluting_face:

So just browsing through Wise…
Sending in GBP can be done via an IBAN. What exactly happens when it arrives there remains unknown. Do you know how to find the IBAN?

Hong Kong doesn’t use IBAN.


When sending in HKD it can only be delivered in HKD. I don’t think there is a way around this

Can you send the ink to the Charles Schwab page? I can’t seem to find it online!

The same for the Santander non resident account.

BoursoBank (mentioned in the wrong thread)

Schwab… https://www.schwab.co.uk/why-charles-schwab

Interesting that they don’t seem to have that minimum $25000 now, or at least I couldn’t find a mention of it.

This is a brokerage account (like T212) but comes with a Visa debit card and checkbook (yup, American one).

Santander… https://www.bancosantander.es/en/particulares/cuentas-tarjetas/cuentas-corrientes/cuenta-no-residentes

It seems like all you need is your ID, a UK bank statement and a selfie. To get their ‘Visa Premier’ equivalent for free if you make a transaction each month. (Otherwise 9€/month)

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This seems a bit of a mission - didn’t see an obvious English option on the app.

I was thinking about that. Presumably an automatic monthly top-up of Amazon would cover that so the fee would effectively be whatever it cost you to convert and send £1 or so into euros each month i.e. pennies.