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There is an (unpublicised) phone route. Try again by contacting the ‘Switcher Team’ using the phone number buried away on page 2 of this document:

Should work, let us know.

I’ll give them a shot, thanks.

Today I’ve had an email from Santander Boosts telling me that I can have £5 off a £50 spend at Morrisons online, addressed to my email address with my name and the last 3 letters of my postcode in it… a couple of hours after I received the same email, to the same email address, with a different person’s name and last 3 letters of their postcode.

Maybe they’re trying to make up for UK customers not being part of the data breach by dripping out customer data bit by bit!

Did anyone else have a similar snafu or am I just the lucky one?

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Sure someone reported this saying it’s test details used, not real ones.

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Without leaking the person’s details, were the initials on your different person email @doogstar J R or something else? Anyone got anything other than their own details, or JR?

Yeah mine was J R - think I mentioned that in a message too but they both got stuck in the mod queue for a few days . Re-reading the proper message says it was test data.

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Looks like the Santander iOS app is now updated and Pilot app is closed!


Yep, I’ve got it. You have to sign in again and reactivate biometrics.

I had to go through it again (including the passport NFC scan)!

They had to send a letter for activation again for me.

It didn’t ask me to sign in again, just asked for my security code.

First time I’ve used the new app and it seems pretty fast and stable.


Fast and stable, yes, but still causes me to click on an advert inadvertently.

When it opens it displays my current account at the top, but in the time it takes my finger to touch it, that space is taken by an ad for a loan.

Had the app for a while now and absolutely no adverts on it for me personally

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Interesting - been using since first available and like @Lightning720 - not seen an ad.

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Usually only get such when they feel you’re eligible for them.

Never seen any ads for me either.

No ads in mine!

I had the app crash after the screen about notifications

Reopened it and now it’s working fine

I had to relogin and take a photo of my license and myself

I’ve always had adverts at the top.

Here’s today’s.

It doesn’t appear until about a second after the current account pane appears, and then it shoves everything down so I keep tapping the ad.

Edit to add: While trying to find a way to turn them off I found this

The Sandi thing doesn’t work, either. Send a message and nothing happens.

But I had a notification telling me that I had a new message - but there’s no message in the app.

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How do you get into the new app?