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So it seems like this is connected to the TM hack, which is what ShinyHunters claimed originally, I’m sure these companies are praying for this to turn out to be over exaggerated but it seems like the claims are authentic

A cloud service company called Snowflake seems to be actually responsible, and have enjoyed really no media coverage until today

In this article, the person who breached snowflake claims he exfiltrated “pretty much all these companies” that includes Virgin Media Ireland and Three among others (not confirmed, and they could also not be storing important data with Snowflake)

Edit: snowflake denied being breached

Hey, did anyone get a Santander Boosts email today with a random person’s name and partial postcode?

Yeah seems to be an error of some kind.

Oh dear - Santander aren’t having a good week when it comes to data!


Just realised that. Got two, one was right, one was completely wrong.

I guess they had to make sure all their customers had their data leaked equally, the English don’t like to be left out!


The second email said it was test data.

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Shows how much attention I pay to emails. Didn’t notice this section at all

We’re sorry but we’ve spotted an error in our regular offer email which meant you may have received a message containing test data in the name and postcode fields. We have corrected this and your special Morrisons offer is below.

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Called up to see if as an existing customer I can switch an old Barclay’s account in and they said it has to be done in branch, which seems counter to what some have said here having done it over the phone.

It’s a bit annoying but oh well.

Will say again that the phone was answered within 5 mins (and that 5 mins was going through the options, it can’t have been more than 10 seconds once I was put on hold) and the UK based (Crewe specifically as they told me) centre was so lovely: “Sorry love, I don’t have better advice for you, have a lovely day” just was nice to hear.


Never knew they had an office in Crewe. Thought the nearest was Bootle, but sure that was due to be closed or something.

This lady was from Crewe (and the last time they were as well). They specifically say “You’re speaking to XXX in Crewe” so I guess they have something there.

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Branch colleagues often take calls too, so you can get people from all over. Not sure I’d suggest apologising to a customer for following procedure in a call coaching session though. I guess she twigged you’d not cause grief :slight_smile:

I’d never shy away from agreeing policies are shit at times (in a polite way).

Nor did I until recently. New TM…

My current job my manager says the processes can also be shit :joy:

Well she was apologising that it couldn’t be done over the phone, I don’t think that’s unprofessional and happens all the time in customer service.

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Got the prompt today

Pretty sure the normal app is exactly like pilot currently

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It is on Android but not on iOS yet