Samsung Unpacked August 2021

There’s usually a thread for Apple events, so I thought I’d start one for yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked too. I’ve been exclusively an Apple user for about 5 years now, but I must admit, the Z Flip 3 looks really, really good, and is finally in line with an iPhone 12 Pro in cost terms

Sadly Apple don’t make it easy to leave, otherwise I might just be persuaded to try and see what’s on the other side

Hmm I’m on the Samsung Upgrade Programme and my upgrade window is open now allowing me to move to either one of these new devices, but I’m not going to.

Whilst I agree that these are incredibly cool phones, particularly the Z Flip 3, I just don’t feel either of these can replace the absolute powerhouse of my Note 20 Ultra. To be fair, I was looking for a reason to leave the upgrade programme anyway, so Samsung dropping the Note range gives me a great way to do so.

What I am really interested in though is the Galaxy Watch 4. I think I might head up to their Kings Cross store to see them in the flesh before I decide which to go for.

Never been a fan of Samsung, wouldn’t ever consider anything from them to be fair. Don’t ask me why, no idea just wouldn’t. 🤦😅


Same here. I guess the early Samsung skinning of Android put me right off. That has got better over the years - less is more - but by this point I’m still totally sold on the Nexus/Pixel concept of stock (or as near as AOSP as possible) Android.


Now you’ve said that, I think that’s maybe the reason why I’m not interested in them one bit. I’d forgotten what the reasoning was, but that’s kind of jogged my memory.

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TouchWiz, yeah, fair enough, I get your reservations, but all of their phones with One UI have been fantastic. I don’t think I could touch a stock Android phone anymore, Samsung significantly improve the Android experience (once you disable Bixby).

I’ll give you a really good example - Samsung Dex. It’s a brilliant bit of software, I’m actually going to try going to the office tomorrow without my laptop and exclusively use Dex to see how I get on.

Galaxy Watch 4 I’d want to see up close because modern smartwatches are often built like bricks and it’s not at all obvious from the website.

I too have never been tempted by a Samsung phone because of Touchwiz…

I love my Galaxy S21 Ultra and prior to that I had another samsung phone, but this is a must.

It does come with loads of bloatware, most of which can easily be removed. I’m not sure why they’re so pushy with Bixby though and don’t allow you to remove it or even re-program the button on the side of the phone that launches it - it’s terrible :laughing:

Do you not have these options in your settings:

I’m unashamedly a Samsung fangirl, and have stuck with them since the Galaxy S3, but dropping the Note range might be the reason I switch away I think. I’ve been on the upgrade program for a while and always update to the latest Note, but these folding phones and the S range just don’t do it for me 🥲 Maybe it’s time to move to the darkside (iOS) :scream:


Or the Pixel 6 :raised_hands:t4:


Oh I do!

I didn’t on my old phone and assumed the same for this one :see_no_evil: Thanks!

I was using a ‘bixby remapper’ app on my old phone.

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I had a Samsung (Galaxy Note 2) smartphone for 6 years and was very happy :blush:

When time has come to upgrade the device, ai didn’t want to pay £900 for another Samsung, too expensive :neutral_face:
So went for Honor 10 :iphone: :android: (saw ad on O2 website) and paid 3x cheaper :grin:
2 years later, still with Honor and don’t regret :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe next my smartphone will be Samsung, but it really depends on the price :flushed::thinking:

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From the dark side surely…


I’ve been with Pixel since the 2XL and love them.
Never liked Samsung, and all the reviews you see online (especially on YouTube) review the American versions with Snapdragon. The UK get Exynos, which has, historically at least, been terrible with performance, battery life and thermals.

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Think the Z3 Flip looks great. Was on last night and they’re offering some very tempting incentives.

Generous trade ins, free one year care and 5% off for using Samsung Pay.

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I do think the Flip looks nice. And I’m sure Samsung’s flavor of Android is good these days. But I’m a stock Android guy at heart and have been almost exclusively since the very first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 all the way back in 2008 :raised_hands:

But, I never say never. If it doesn’t look like we’ll still get a folding Pixel this year, then come October we’ll see what happens, whether I get tempted by the Flip or go for the Pixel 6 Pro.

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Depends on where Bixby is at lol. That ruined my S8 experience frankly. Hopefully it’s gone now or at least they’ve taken the dedicated button off.