Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

So i receiced my Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4 early (release date is this Friday however i got an email last week from Samsung saying they were shipping it to me early which was a nice surprise).

Love the phone and using the full fold out screen is pretty sweet! Lots of apps make use the larger screen like outlook or you can multi task throwing up multiple apps around the screen.

Thought a few of you might like to see how the monzo app nakes use of the larger screen on Android. Looks really nice especially the images. Only thing is the feed looks a bit sparse in the middle!


Nice Phone and enjoy!

This is where a full iPad/tablet app would really come into it’s own though Monzo. Imagine what you could do with the real estate available!

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Looks great, I appreciate why Monzo model is based around a single mobile device but having a tablet or desktop iteration (with full banking/analytic functionality) would go some way in enhancing its offer to customers.

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