Samsung's foldable phone

(Simon B) #1

If Samsung actually pull this off, without it being basically a massive brick or Nintendo 3DS type device, I will be impressed!

(Hugh Wells) #2

I’m not sure I’d get on with this - it feels slightly weird!


It looks horrible lol. Cool innovation though. Would be interesting to know how durable it is too.

(Simon B) #4

They never get it right the first time anyway, Samsung tend to make these sort of “tech demos” and then use whatever they learn from it to put it into future devices with a bit more thought.

Case in point - the original Galaxy Edge with one curved side. Bizarre, but then you ended up with the double curved edges on a lot of their later phones, which made sense being smaller and on both sides.



I’m really looking forward to this! There’s been no big innovation in mobiles for years (it’s all been good, incremental progress with no massive leaps).

The pricing is rumoured to be prohibitive, though. And I hope it runs on Android, rather than a Tizen curve ball!

I’d really like one - but one to take a look at in person before taking the plunge, I think (and it’s a definite no if it’s >£999 - and probably not is it’s not significantly south of there)…

(Brian Hunter) #6

Don’t think I would jump on board with one, but I really hope they make it to market. It would be an amazing device to see available to consumers, and hopefully it would kick off a bit of a tech war.

(Simon B) #7

Here it is!

Gimmick? Or a new paradigm?


This looks fascinating! Looking forward to seeing the real thing and the price point.

The big question. My punt: short-term the former; long term variants of this the latter.

(Tom Cohen) #9

I think that by the time this matures, AR is already going to start biting into the market.


Honestly don’t understand the need for it? It’s cool for sure but probably 3 or 4 versions away from actually being a commercial product with a wide range appeal


What. The. Heck.


(MikeF) #12

Probably translating to £1800 the way these things currently work.