Samsung Galaxy S10

Here’s your first leak/look.


Those are some impressively tiny bezels.

Anyone planning on getting one?

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My S8+ is up for renewal in March so it’s a possibility :thinking:

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I was wondering when someone would realise that there’s absolutely no need for that silly notch…

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Happy with my S7 and £6 per month tarif :money_mouth_face::+1:

I have to admit it that the design has grown on me after seeing this photo. The cutout does not look too intrusive. However, I prefer the look of the S8/S9 Infinity Display. I would rather equal top/chin with slim side bezel than a permanent notch or cutout, period. I am sure the final product will look better than this image.

The One UI Android 9.0 Pie update is fast approaching. Maybe I’ll get another year out of my S8 :grin:

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I wasn’t, but i am now :smirk:

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Ok, I like that punch hole way more than the notches… but the positioning is far from ideal for playing mobile games.

Many, many mobile RPGs put the character frame (where you normally get access to some character customisation and account settings) in that spot… I wonder how they’ll work around that.

Thankfully I still have another year on my contract before renewal, so I’ll just let them figure out any kinks with it on this generation and see what they do with the s11 :grinning:

My next mobile will be 5g enabled, will stick to my Note8 until then.

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I have another year to run, so I’ll be waiting for the 11.

Here it is folks!

I’m still mulling over a Note 9.

Trying to justify it somehow in my distorted mind

Here it is!

That looks ridiculous with the hole in the screen.
OnePlus 6t notch looks much better and same size bezels

I disagree, the hole punch camera just looks slightly less intrusive than even the OnePlus 6T notch in my opinion. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess :slight_smile:

The hole itself is neat enough, it just seems to be.floating in no.mans land

I get what you mean. Personally, I tend to like floating elements on UIs, so this translating through to the hardware too is pretty awesome for my tastes. But I can understand why that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.

I uh accidentally ordered an S10+


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: My allegiance has always been with Apple, but I have to be honest the S10+ definitely grabbed my attention. If I wasn’t stuck in the walled garden I would consider getting it myself. Looking forward to seeing if Apple up their game in the summer.

I wish I’d kept that picture I saw where the Samsung ad taking the piss out of Apple’s notch (notch hairstyles) had been replaced with ‘hole punch’ hair styles.

Update: Found some!

For me, the hole punch looks way more silly than the notch.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: really?
I think the iPhones look so dated compared to the 2019 androids. I get that the iPhones are slightly older, but historically they’d be well ahead of the game in terms of design.