Samsung Galaxy S20 (formerly S11)

I favour stock Android myself (Team Pixel!) but it’s always interesting to see what Samsung bring to the table.

Anyone looking into getting one?

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I’m certainly going to see what it does. Otherwise I’ll probably go OnePlus 7

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I’m due an upgrade in March, so will probably be pre-ordering the S11 when I can :smiley:

Perfectly satisfied with my S7 :grin:

Probably moving away from Samsung phones when I can afford to buy out my contract because I’m tired of them trying to shove Bixby down my throat. The fact that they took away the ability to disable the Bixby button in a recent S10 update is infuriating when that button is caught. Even when I have it set on double press, it still manages to appear.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the phone and most of it’s functionality, I just don’t want Bixby.

Will probably go Pixel when I can afford to.

Had to google Bixby as never heard of it.

Found that my Samsung S7 does not have this feature hence my lack of knowledge.

Sounds like I not missing much :grin:

I hate it too, so much to the point I downloaded an app that renders the bixby button useless and immediately closes it if it opens.

I’m still on my S8+ after withholding temptation to get an S10 when they came out. My phone is certainly a little worse for wear now so maybe it’s time to get an S11 :thinking:

Looks like the new flagship will be called S20, not S11.

Here’s some info on the Plus model.

I’m a huge Samsung fangirl. From phone to washing machine, most of my tech is Samsung. But I HATE this hole-punch camera thing. It almost stopped me buying the Note 10+ in all honesty :unamused:

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These naming conventions are strange!

Is it maybe they wanted to skip an S13 because it’s considered unlucky so doing it in advance?

You’ll be pleased to know the button has gone! Rejoice! Rejoice! The button has gone!

(Just ordered my Ultra :metal:)

I used to love Samsung phones, I had them all from the S4 to the S10. - I just can’t handle the operator’s custom firmware though.

Now that I can afford it, I always buy my phones outright. This means that they come with generic UK or EU firmware. VoLTE often doesn’t work, WiFi calling often doesn’t work. I used to get a new phone and immediately have to mess about flashing my operator’s firmware onto it to get it to work properly. A side effect of which is having really ugly boot logos and sometimes waiting for months for updates. Also, if you change network you have to re-flash, if you want everything to work properly anyway.

I prayed for an Android phone that worked like the iPhone, with centralised firmware updates, for years. I haven’t looked back since the original Pixel came out (well, I did a bit but always regretted it).

Samsung is big enough to do an Apple or a Google and demand the operators keep their hands off the firmware. I don’t know why they don’t. I’d be back like a shot, even though I’d miss plain Android I loved Samsung’s phones.


Did you get a good deal? Thinking of upgrading to one of these bad boys.

Not by my standards, no. £84 a month. I’m used to paying about £50, but given I do very little other shopping for physical stuff, I decided to treat myself. Luckily I also got 20% off that with a work perk.

Update: Just had a text from EE saying this will now be £10/m cheaper!

I’ve usually upgraded every other one
S3, S5, S7, S9 (plus my favourite, the Alpha)
This is one of the first times there doesn’t seem enough of a jump to warrant upgrading.
Looks like I’ll be waiting another year.

I’m the same, but I decided to go for it.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings too. I have used many Samsungs in past years but I am disappointed this year. I was about to upgrade as my S9+ have problems with battery life but when I saw bundle prices in Three I have changed my mind. Gonna wait for Apple to introduce new iPhone (with 5g support I hope) so prices gonna go down a little (again, I hope).

I picked up my s20 ultra today, this is one chunky beast of a phone :joy: