Samsung Galaxy S10

I think a uniform notch looks better than random cutouts of various sizes:



That’s a creepy image :woozy_face:
Especially the facial expression on the lady :point_up_2:

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10/10 would like again

(though I like the design of the S10, that is definitely amusing)

I tend to agree, whilst the hole punch is not ideal it definitely has a newer and more techie (?) look to it. I like how it’s kind of incorporated into the software/UI too (lens ‘glows’ when going into the camera app). Although Samsung seem to be carefully picking their default wallpapers to hide said hole punch :smiley:

I’ll let them off.
The rumours about some phone manufacturers having a full screen with a pop up camera make me wince. I’d take a hole punch any day of the week over those.

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:joy: They aren’t rumours, they already exist — Oppo Find X comes to mind.

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Yeah these have been around for some time, now.

Yeah, as mentioned above, there are several manufacturers that have gone down this route.

The phone I was referring to was the Oneplus 7. I know it has links to the Oppo range, but the OnePlus is most well known, of the smaller smartphone companies, that have a footing in the UK.

I really don’t like those pop up cameras. If the OnePlus goes down this avenue for it’s next phone, I’d be completely put off.

I see myself as Apple loyal but wow this is so much better than the leaked new iPhone’s.

Apple has always stayed a step behind with the iPhone. I think they like to wait to see what works before releasing a product.

I think I am going to make the switch to the dark side soon! Been with apple since the iPhone 3g, but the Samsung S10 has won me over!

Just created a pot to start saving for one! :joy:

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As much as I want one, I just cant justify upgrading my S8+ when it does everything I need perfectly well, the battery is still amazing and there is minimal screen burn in.
The only thing that tempts me is the fingerprint on the front!

Think people are getting bored of Apple being behind the times. Either need a ground breaking iPhone or ground breaking software this year.


Same for me too, although my contract ends in April so my inner tech demon may have other plans :hear_no_evil:

April here too. Gunna be trying very hard to go sim only for a while!

Yeah I always try to have a bit of a break at the end of phone contracts to save a little money. With the one prior to this I managed a whole year! :open_mouth:

You make it sound like such a hardship! I’ve been sim only for about 7 years, and paying £12 a month instead of 25+ hasn’t really been an issue for me :joy:

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This is cool


Well it didn’t last long, I now want a new phone :rofl:

How are you liking it @BethS? I think I’m going to order one on the Samsung Upgrade program soon :speak_no_evil:

I really really like it. It takes great cat pictures :rofl:

And the fingerprint sensor is in a much better place than previous Samsung’s :see_no_evil: