Samsung: Anyone's fingerprint can unlock Galaxy S10 phone

Might be worth people disabling biometric authentication with the app if they are particularly concerned until Samsung release a patch. :man_shrugging:

TL;DR: Applying a screen protector on the Samsung S10 in-screen fingerprint reader allows any fingerprint access to phone or apps using biometric authentication.


We’re currently investigating to see what this means for us (and you!)

We’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


Doesn’t do it with the built in screen protector or the whitestonedome glass ones. Seems the cheap full front and back phone case is causing the exploit.

Seems the reader is reading the contours of the gel protector, not the finger and triggering when the finger is pressed to the screen. Thats an oversight and a half!

My note10 barely lets me in with my finger most of the time, its strange to think that a piece of silicone can cause so much damage


Based off the above. What’s the latest @cookywook ?

I’ve just had this patch arrive on my Note 10+. What’s not clear is whether this applies to the screen protector that comes attached to the phone from the factory too.