Fingerprint for Galaxy S5 issue

Hi all! My name is Alessia
First time I post here, so if it has been already asked or the post has to be moved, sorry, just say it and I will do it in a sec. :grin:

Let’s get to the point: I have a Galaxy S5 with the latest version of Monzo(1.23.1) and even though my mobile supports fingerprint recognition I don’t have it on my options! How come?

Thanks to everyone that will answer :wink:

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Does the option appear in your Monzo settings?
Account > Cog > Use Fingerprint To Unlock App

Can you use you fingerprint to verify play store purchases?

I cannot find any settings both in Play store and Monzo. I have attached the settings screenshot 03.

So maybe is a common issue that this phone is not recognised as supporting fingerprint? Odd because I unlock it with them.

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I have a similar problem with a BLÜ brand Android smartphone. I don’t want to use fingerprints, but just reporting it as a technical issue. Fingerprint reader can be enabled on the phone but then does not appear in the app menu. Maybe it is not supported on some Android versions? Mine is 5.1

The S5 has a proprietary fingerprint system that isn’t compatible with the standard android one. To use it apps have to implement the samsung fingerprint specially.


My “Like” was for providing an explanation that answered the problem, not for liking the fact Monzo don’t support Samsung devices.

Not supporting fingertip security on the Samsung Galaxy phones, not supporting use with Samsung Gear watches, not supporting Samsung Pay. It is about time Monzo did something for Samsung users!

This one’s on Samsung trying to be different. They could have implemented standard support on the S5 but didn’t. The S6 and beyond do.


Absolutely, Samsung choosing to use Android but break the Android standards is the culprit here. They chose to do this and smart people there would have known things like this would happen but overall the choice was made all the same

This is one of the reasons I won’t support Samsung’s mobile offering by buying a phone from them :blush:

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This could be… It is so poorly done this thing, it is frustrating! Damn samsung… Actually if they add the pin to get in Monzo I would be more comfortable, anybody knows if they are going to?

Thanks to everyone!

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Small clarification: Android 6 has a unified fingerprint API for all phone manufacturers to use, and so apps can then just do one thing and fingerprints work, this appears to be what Monzo have done.

Samsung phones with fingerprint readers and that shipped with Android 6 have this API implemented. e.g. my A3 2017 works fine in Monzo.

It seems some Samsung phones that started on lower Android versions, that have this “Samsung Pass” proprietary fingerprint API (a good thing at the time, because there otherwise wasn’t an API for devs to use), with the OS upgrade to 6 didn’t get official unified API support added in. It’s hard to get info of exactly which phone models got the upgrade but no support for the unified API, all I found was some stackoverflow threads that peter out without useful info.

After a quick search - perhaps the Monzo devs could consider using this library that uses various flavours of API behind the scenes to support more phones?


While I agree, it seems unlikely that they’ll do it: the way in which this was implemented, seems to imply that they saw fingerprint unlock as a box ticking exercise, and now that this box is ticked (with minium effort) it seems unlikely they’ll revisit this in the short term…

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To my knowledge fingerprint privacy unlocking on Android is currently only supported with phones running Android 6 or greater.

This is the reason I assumed so few high street banks had fingerprint support for android.

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Not really a reason… it’s over 50% of phones natiively and you simply ask the API whether there’s a fingerprint or not & it returns no for an older OS, which you’d have to do anyway as not all phones will have the hardware.

That said I haven’t see much lack of support even though most banks apps are complete trash in every other respect.

Do more apps support it now? For ages it was just NatWest

Last I checked Lloyds, Halifax and HSBC didn’t.

Lloyd’s bank, Halifax, Santander, Nationwide supports fingerprint in android but still not yet Barclays and HSBC UK



Surprised by Barclays, not by HSBC.