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I am looking to set up salary sorter, I have created pots for bills to come out of but there are some bills that I can’t pay out of pots at different times of the month and would come directly out of current account. Is there a way that I can separate these from my spending money so I know that I won’t spend the money that should go on these bills?

You can setup a bills pot and have all your direct debits taken directly from the pot. Then for those direct debits that are subscriptions (like Netflix) which can’t be taken directly from there, setup a scheduled pot withdrawal the day before it is due to withdraw it to your main balance.

Therefore you can use salary sorter to put the entire amount needed into the one pot for all your bills and that will separate it to stop you accidentally spending.

Hopefully I’ve understood you correctly.

That’s fantastic advice, didn’t even think of that. Thanks so much

Another tip; work out what the total amount of your bills comes to within your usual pay cycle (everything - D/D’s, Standing orders, Card Payments, scheduled payments) Let’s say it comes to £950 (example) and your bills pot is called ‘Bills pot’

Rename your designated Bills pot to ‘Bills pot + £950’

The next time you run salary sorter, it’ll ask you which pot/account to sort to - and you’ll have a visual confirmation of how much to transfer to the pot (… + £950).

If your bills don’t regularly change during the cycle, it’ll be the same sort each month but if they change a lot then renaming the bills pot ‘£ amount’ to match the changes can really help to make sure you sort the right amount to the designated bills pot without errors.

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