Salary Sorter - Can you automate?

Anyone know how to automate salary sorter, or is it only possible with manual intervention?

At the moment it’s only possible with manual intervention.

I hope there’s a way to automate this in the future - maybe based on percentages rather than actual values or something.


Welcome to the community Gareth!

As above, it is only manually actioned at this time


It is no sort of deal breaker, but it is a little curious to me that right now I have to remember to click into the transaction (for my salary monthly) to activate it

I can accept that selecting one transaction to trigger off has some of the same difficulties as paying a merchant from a pot, but a reminder in feed would be a good short term mitigation


Thanks Craig

Agreed, standing orders aren’t appropriate as it gets funky when trying to drop money into a joint account.

As a potential work around for something more automated that will sort of achieve the same thing as salary sorter, you could try setting up a deposit schedule to pots that occur on your pay day!

To do this:

  1. Swipe across to the pot(s) you’d normally want salary sorter to add money to.
  2. Tap the Add button.
  3. Tap the Set scheduled payment option.
  4. Choose the amount you want to transfer each time you get paid.
  5. Select the start date that matches the date you’re next due to be paid.*
  6. Set the repeat option to match how frequently you’re paid.

Now repeat this process for your other pots

*If you use the get paid early feature, make sure you choose the date you’re actually paid and not the day you’d be paid early on. Scheduled transfers to pots occur between 4am and 5am, whereas you won’t be paid early until after 4pm. If you set the date to match when you’re paid early, you will go overdrawn temporarily, or if you don’t have an overdraft, the transfers might not happen if there isn’t enough money in your account.


Thank you for the warm welcome!