Salary payment times

Hello all!

I’m struggling to find an answer to the following question. With the bank I work it this information is common knowledge but both HSBC and Nationwide have given ridiculous answers that I hope aren’t correct.

When does HSBC and Nationwide pay in salaries? HSBC told me it was between midnight and 6am. Nationwide said anywhere from midnight to 6pm? :scream: This seems odd as banks have control of when they add BACS credits in so 6 or 18 hour windows seems unlikely. By my understanding all banks know at least one day before that a credit will be going in the next day.

To be clear I’m not talking about faster payments I’m talking about BACS Credits.

Thanks in advance all!

We apply BACS credits at 1am UTC :+1:


Thanks I already knew that though! Monzo seems to be one of the few that understands this question and the information was readily available when I looked for it. HSBC and Nationwide not so much…

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Yeah, with Halifax my salary seemed to be paid within a pretty big range from anywhere between midnight and 6am. I always assumed this was down to my employer but it’s obviously not the case.

Monzo has always been dead on at 01:00.

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I got paid this week at 7:36am.
Only been in the job a couple of months. Was told it was usual to be sometimes paid at that time.
Never seen it before. It was also a day earlier than expected due to payroll outsourcing that pays whenever they like.

Either way, it was nice to get the notification.

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Yes all BACS credits @1am and DD’s/SO’s out @2am, always! :smiley:

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This is really helpful to know. Next payday falls on the same day as a number of bills go out, which doesn’t often happen, so it’s good to know that the money comes in before it goes out!


Apart from last Monday when it was closer to 7am. Made my scheduled payments/IFTTT angry :neutral_face:

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The timing of payments leaving my account today was a bit of a concern. I’m led to believe that standing orders are paid at 2am but one of mine left at 3.34am and two transfers to pots left at 3.47am. I have another standing order that hasn’t even been paid out yet. Now ‘you were asleep, what does it matter?’ is a question I don’t hear you ask, but I start work at midnight usually and I like to get all my banking done on paydays (every Thursday) asap.

Possibly a slight delay in Monzos batch processes running. I assume that Monzo’s timings are best effort and based on when batches are ran rather than guaranteed

I hope it’s a temporary thing. I’ve opened a non-urgent chat about it so I’ll see what they say. Starling do it almost perfectly;Screenshot_20181025_080235