Safe to move my salary to Monzo

(Jamie) #21

Hi all,

In one of the sign-up forms I think it was mentioned that the account number and sort code from the preview will be different to the final account number and sort code. (this may have been pre-alpha volunteers only, but can’t remember)

Is this true?

I might hold off bothering work’s finance department with moving my salary over if it’s going to change again in c. 2 months time…

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #22

I don’t remember reading this… ?

(Adam Bowles) #23

I don’t remember this, I do remember that the card you’re issued may eventually be replaced

(Leonard) #24

Monzo have said that Account Numbers and Sort Codes will remain the same. Only card numbers will change as the card gets replaced.

Edit: Reference

(Richard) #25

My salary has been successfully paid in for the previous two months now.:v:

(James Murray-Ferris) #26

My payroll team have added Monzo now it’s just going to take some time to appear apparently! It’s not just the legacy banks that necessarily have the slow legacy systems lying around

(Jamie) #27

Thanks @leonardh and @tristan - just the confirmation I needed ! (I got confused with it being the card that was changing!

(Tony Hoyle) #28

Just as a footnote to this thread… a DD got missed.

DD due on the 16th, apparently presented to legacy bank a few days previously.
Cancelled DD on the 19th.
Legacy bank notified company of rejected DD on the 20th.

I’m at a loss to work out how that makes sense… the money should have been paid on the 16th - unless there’s some kind of quantum thing going on here with the future changing the past :stuck_out_tongue:

So maybe give a little more overlap on DD payments than I did because banks are wierd.


They pay you as well?


I am a bit scared of doing this. When I swapped from one high st bank to another years ago it was a complete disaster. My mortgage payment wasn’t taken, I could have ended up with a knackered credit score.

I just worry that my current bank will stuff up the transfer of direct debits due to incompetence/spite!

I know there is a Current Account Switching Service now so I’m probably worrying unduly?

(Tony Hoyle) #31

It’s not that hard really… make a spreadsheet with the list of DDs on it with the details, move them all (most companies have online forms for this now) and note down when you did it & any acknowledgements in case of dispute. Then watch for the DDs to appear in the Monzo app so you can cross them off the list.

Stuff can go wrong, but if it’s any consolation the first time I used CASS the new bank failed to transfer about half the DDs and caused a complete mess :stuck_out_tongue: So doing it yourself isn’t any worse.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #32

Does anyone actually need to say it…?


That does sound like quite a bit of work tbh! Plus I will have the pleasure of dealing with my energy supplier, phone provider and other fine companies that don’t quite have Monzo levels of efficiency and customer service.

The big worry for me is that a lot of these companies are trigger happy when it comes to giving you a default on your credit history. Then AFAIK you have to persuade that same company to take the black mark off :cry:

(Adam Williams) #34

Seemingly a rare beast, but I have seen them!


Current account switch is meant to help with that :blush: obviously not applicable in the preview stage.

Hopefully Monzo will be involved in the long run. (they will! :))


Its not too bad… Took me a couple of hours to switch 16 DD’s 2 DC’s and 5 SO’s one afternoon. You also have the added advantage of knowing that you have done it correctly yourself rather than anything automated which might mess it up.

(Andy Roberts) #37

I’m just about to move house, so I it seems like a good opportunity to set up all my new household bill DDs to Monzo and switch my salary there too

My only real concerns are:

:record_button:️we’ve recently outsourced our HR service at work to Capita and they’re hopeless - though if they muck up my next salary going in, I can easily transfer the cash to Monzo manually to set up the new DDs and hopefully give them a month to get it right
:record_button:️recurring payments I’ve set up on my legacy bank’s debit card (which obvs don’t appear on the list of standing orders and DDs) - I’ll easily be able to trawl my transactions for monthly subscriptions to things like Netflix, but I’m sure I have annual ones set up (like PSN subscription) that I’ll have forgotten - so I’ll leave a bit of cash in there as a safety net and keep an eye on it.

(Matthew Sherwen) #38

This is not so much a problem as it is a query. I have enrolled onto the early access CA and since doing so have seen that the logging in process is the same (magic email link). This led me to wonder whether there is any additional check happening behind this link.

If not this means that my money will only ever be as secure as my email address. With emails turning up related to Monzo, a hacker, with access to my emails, could see thee and download the app to request their own magic link.

When using the beta pre-paid Monzo card this was not so much of an issue as someone would also require their own Monzo account to transfer funds to. However, now with real bank transfers this is slightly concerning.

Obviously, I do not expect your security features to be outlined as a response to this post. Could you please respond stating whether this thinking is correct or not, before I commit to transferring my salary into the CA.

(Alex Sherwood) #39

I understand your concerns, I want to make sure that my money is secure as possible too! I’ll just point out a few things.

If you look around the app, you’ll see that each feature that enables someone to withdraw money from your bank account requires additional authentication i.e. to send a transfer, you must enter your card’s PIN.

Since the security model is getting an overhaul though, when the final version of the app is launched, you could wait for that change before setting up your salary to be paid in to your current account.

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this in one place.

(Ben Lavender) #40

I’ve got my CA, no transactions done yet and I’m thinking about changing my payroll details when it goes live. I’d much prefer to use Monzo for all my outgoings etc rather than just the prepaid card service.