'Safari can't open the specified address'

Hi, I’m trying to open a new account and have followed the link to log in for the first time but get a ‘Safari can’t open the specified address’ message. Having checked out the help section, I tried in Chrome, but I’m getting no further. Please help. Thanks so much


Just go to your app store of choice and download Monzo.

You don’t have to follow a link, it’s supposed to help if you’re on the website already.

Thanks Revels!

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If you post the link of the page you’re on with a broken link, hopefully someone can fix it for the next person that finds it.

Yes of course, good idea…


In fact, I’ve just discovered another broken link from the ‘get a business account’ tab…


Both of those links are to direct you to a section within the app. Therefore if you don’t have the app installed they will naturally error.


Thanks Ordog!