Ryanair refunds/payments - don't accept monzo bank accounts

Best to pick your fights and this definitely isn’t the time

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Oh yeah sorry that was me just going off on a rant haha. I’d be burning the midnight oil looking into banking regulations, their payment processor terms and all sorts.

Probably far easier to just give them what they want. Hope you get it sorted :slight_smile:

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Ha I’ve been there before with vueling. They had their website setup to quote in EUR but change GBP to any UK cards with their own exchange rate - but they didn’t tell you this on the payment pages. It was hidden in their T&C’s!

Fought for 3months and eventually used chargeback to get my ~£5 back. But it felt good to stand by the principal. And they changed their website by the next time I had to buy flights with them!

Just not in that mood right now lol


In your post from the other day you had generated an IBAN for this refund.

Ryanair are surely within their rights not to accept it as international transfers aren’t officially supported and they’re saving themselves time and fees in case the money didn’t arrive and they had to locate the returned payment and send it again.

If they’re making the refund via a bank transfer it’s best going to another bank which supports direct transfers from international banks for now.

Ryanair wouldn’t know it isn’t supported unless the person in the department knows personally that Monzo doesn’t officially support it. I have transferred from the Republic of Ireland (KBC Ireland) and Holland (Bunq) to Monzo using an IBAN successfully many times. These two banks systems just let the money go, the issue is usually ‘if it will arrive’ or bounce back.

Ryanairs system is probably just saying ‘no’ and reading the OP’s reply that the issue is probably still the sort code issue blocking the transfer just like where people still have issues with some companies and direct debits.


I think I might have worked this out.

I just had a look back at my statement from last year and when I was paid by Ryanair I was paid via CHAPS.
My guess is that their standard payment system can’t handle Monzo payments so they fail and go through as CHAPS.

From what I understand CHAPS is a LOT more expensive and with Ryanair being Ryanair they’ll want to avoid spending more than they need to at all costs.

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Lol this was actually for a different claim with Ryanair (I was quite impacted on multiple flights!).

This thread isn’t related to IBAN as I didn’t give them an IBAN for this claim - it was via email and as soon as they saw it was monzo they said no due to their BIC code/sort code lists not being updated.

Does anyone know if using chargeback ends up costing Ryanair more?

Just curious as I am seeing a lot of people of twitter saying they are using it (myself included), as Ryanair are just not responding to requests for a refund anymore.

I read somewhere that there are escalating fees each time it is disputed
Does anyone have the figures i.e. is it a % or a fixed amount

[According this this article ] (https://www.birchwoodcreditservices.com/about/news/what-chargeback-and-how-it-affects-businesses-and-merchants)

They get charged between 5 - 15 dollars and it can increase… I just disputed my Ryan Air transaction, screw them…

Well then, it looks like Ryanair may regret refusing to refund people.

Just out of curiosity, does Monzo have any advice on chargeback especially related to cases like Ryanair’s? I have purchased some tickets for Ryanair. I paid some with HSBC CC and Monzo. I am giving time for Ryanair to give my £££ back till end of June (I am not in rush, yet) but on 1st of July if they are not going to do anything I am going to start chargeback on all tickets (over £1k in total).

Is the flight still being operated?

If the event or booking is still being provided by the merchant, we aren’t likely to win a chargeback dispute.

Nope, all of them cancelled.

Edit: Additionally they basically don’t inform you via email or anything about cancellation. I had to check all flights on app. And had to fill one form 15+ times to apply for a “Refund”.

And ofc no respond from them about status. Had to chat with their support to CONFIRM that those forms are accepted and got my favourite respond “We are going to process refunds as soon as lockdown measures are going to be withdrawal”. And I am like, for which quacking country? :laughing:

Basically, they are quacking us in the…

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If I were you, I wouldn’t be waiting.

There’s a huge risk the company goes bust in the meantime and the cash isn’t there. A ridiculous number of people will be doing chargebacks to get their money back.

I would start it now, chargeback is not a short process

Back to the original post for a moment, I really don’t get why acceptance is still a thing for Monzo. A problem in Year 1, perhaps, but surely not now?

Shouldn’t that be high on the fix-it agenda?

It’s not a Monzo fix though is it?

It’s other banks having to update to ‘see’ Monzo and because there’s rarely new banks, it’s not a list that you need to update daily.

The Intra-European and Inter-European Dispute Administration Fee is €15 for a lost First Chargeback, €30 if it goes to Arbitration, and significantly more if it goes to a Case Filing. This is the money Monzo gets if we win (or loses if we lose!) a chargeback on your behalf and in aggregate, covers much of the costs of our dispute systems.

Bit of an open secret but you can literally Google “Mastercard Chargeback Guide”! It’s one of the few public Mastercard documents out there.
(PDF Warning)


I doubt it, but it just shouldn’t be a thing any more. Monzo is a well-known player - hardly a start-up.

If it’s not something Monzo can fix, though, it surely should be up there on someone’s list to get it fixed. As a customer I’d be feeling embarrassed by now.

It would be hard (I imagine) for Ryanair to say this doesn’t fall under Chargeback

Seeing as even their regulator has told them to refund but they are delaying