Chargeback Help needed

How do I raise a chargeback with Monzo My holiday company have told me to get q refund from my carrier (Ryanair). However, I know that getting a response from them is highly unlikely!

Search for the transaction in your feed.
Then tap on Something Wrong? Get Help button at the bottom.

You can then speak to someone from monzo about doing a chargeback

I was told by a ‘chatbot’ “…we’ll find someone to help you and let you know when they’re here”. That was an hour and a half ago. Have tried calling but no-one is picking up the phone at Monzo customer services??

You’ll need to wait, you will get a notification when someone gets back to you.

Monzos phone number is only for dealing with lost/stolen cards and they will direct you to the chat.




If the flight is still scheduled, you aren’t due a refund because they are providing the service you paid for.

Do you have holiday insurance?

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Holiday cancelled in March for flights in April. Holiday company advised to go to chargeback for refund

They probably have, but I don’t know if you can do a charge-back just because you want the money?

From the link above

We won’t be able to create a chargeback for any purchases that haven’t been cancelled by the merchant. If the event or booking is still being provided by the merchant, we aren’t likely to win a chargeback dispute.

If the flight is still scheduled, they are fulfilling their part of the contract.

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You’re not the only person in this situation. Monzo - indeed, all banks - are probably getting far more chargeback requests than they normally would ever expect to. I’d get all your evidence together while you’re waiting - proof you tried to get a refund from merchant, their refusal, and the email (I presume?) from the holiday company advising you seek a chargeback, as Monzo usually want proof you exhausted all the usual avenues first.

Best of luck.

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Just to confirm, have you gone through the process with Ryanair and been refused a refund first?

If you haven’t gone through their process in the first instance you won’t get anywhere with a chargeback.

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I have completed the process for cancellations as determined by the company’s own terms and conditions.

That’s good :blush:

The people above are just double checking to hopefully save you time and disappointment as not everyone is aware of the process.

While you’re waiting for Monzo to get back to you, the below is good advice:

Hope you get it all sorted soon :crossed_fingers:


Holiday can be cancelled by the hotel etc but the flights are still running, which is causing this mess for a lot of people.

Ryanair grounded nearly all of its planes in April. OP would have to be extraordinarily unlucky,

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Very few by the looks of it.

I only say this as my girlfriend has been trying to get money back for a Dublin trip, I thought they were operating more than that.

There’s not much on that list OP so you might be okay. But try Ryanair first

Who is the ‘holiday company’ in this situation? Was it a package holiday booked through an agent who booked you on Ryanair flights? Ryanair won’t refund you for that, your contract is with the holiday company.

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As @lpoolrob say’s if a packaged holiday, you get a full refund from the holiday company as you paid them, if you purchased the “pieces” of the holiday separately you go to each company individually.

My wife’s old boss was due to go on a cruise, the company she booked with told here to go to the cruise company directly :joy:.