Hide roundup badge on transactions

I’ve hidden my Savings pot which has roundups enabled.
I’m hoping that over a long enough timeline, I’ll forget all about the pot and I’ll have a nice amount saved up without the temptation to withdraw.

The roundup icon on every transaction is reminding me I have the pot and it’s spoiling the illusion.

It’s a little reminder that you didn’t spend £10.00 on McDonalds, but £9.04. You’re still going to know that you’re rounding money up, you won’t completely forget. It doesn’t tell you the amount so you don’t know if it rounded 99p or 1p.

Hiding it would only add confusion, even if it’s opt in.


It could go hand in hand with another feature.

Don’t show rounded up amounts in the transaction list, only show the exact amount…

If I want to hide it, it should be confusing for me if I want it to be.

Then your account won’t balance.

You might be happy with it being confusing but many people will toggle a switch and then get confused.